Eczema Homeopathic Treatment


Eczema, corn, wedge-acne, skin freckled etc. are common diseases of skin. According to Homeopathic Philosophy this disease is caused by Psora defects. If Psora defect is not in a man’s nature then eczema will not occur. In fact, “Psora” is the result of our materialistic and psychological tendencies and ideological poisoning. Anyway ‘Psora’ is originated from the word “Soret” which means ‘itching’.

Eczema : The disease mostly occurs near the ankles or feet, joints, neck, behind the ears, hands and genitalia. Well, it could be in any part of the body. In this disease there is intense itching. In Genital area it can be the most painful.

Reasons of eczema

The reasons of this disease are irregular life style, improper diet, indigestion, take so much non-veg in meals, diabetes and skin disease etc.

  • According to the Homeopathic philosophy ‘Psora’ is most responsible.
  • The disease caused by bacteria, fungi and parasites (such as Sarcoptes scabiei) and micro-organisms.

Mainly eczema is of three types

  • Dry eczema
  • Wet eczema
  • An eczema in a particular area

Eczema Symptoms and Treatment

Dry eczema –

If patient is suffering with dry eczema then medicine should be given on the bases of symptoms. Medicine can differ according to symptoms.

Alumina: When skin shows special characteristics such as it become very dry, rough, tight, cracks and extremely intense itching and scratching them makes wounds. Constipation remains, excessive itching in bed, discomfort increase at morning and heat. Cold air and water gives relief. Depending on these symptoms this drug is extremely effective in 30 and 200 power.

Rhus Venenata: In any dry eczema in which small boils spots with itching and skin rash, this is the best medicine. Itching more at night, washing with warm water make comfortable, redness; Vesicles forms on upper layer of skin (epidermis) then 2 or 3 doses of this medicine in 200 and 1000 power should be adequate.

Calcarea Sulphurica: Best medicine for dry eczema in children. Small boils occur on head, which starts bleeding on scratching, are the main symptoms. 3 × 12 x power of this drug is beneficial.

Sulphur: Patient is unhygienic and dirty, smell comes from the body, yet feels the king, the patient feels the heat in body, the legs are burning, cravings for sugary food, excessive itching, scratching gives relief but leads to bleeding, problem increase in bed heat, standing is tougher, more trouble in the morning, but in the dry and hot weather feel better. Based on these symptoms, one or two dose of ‘sulphur’ in 30 and 200 power shows a spectacular impact. Another feature of this drug is that all the openings of body such as the nose, ears, anus is extremely red, itching and irritation is excessive. And when already got relief by application of any allopath medicine coating, but still feel a constant disturbance from inside.

Wet eczema (Weeping eczema) –

Graphites: To fix wet eczema this medicine is very effective. Unhealthy skin, discharge of pus from the slightest wound, thick, honey-like pus, increased pain at night in the summer and, pain by rubbing it, swelling in glands, the skin is extremely dry, dryness of the breasts, cracks in the skin of limbs and the neck, etc. when these symptoms occur then this medicine in power of 30, and if the disease becomes chronic then 200 power is extremely advantageous.

Eczema on a particular place –

Petroleum: when Eczema repeated at a particular place, wet, irritation, itching at night, just the small abrasions cause pus, redness, forehead, behind the ears, on the skin of ovary, anal, hand feet are the main places where eczema appear. Eczema symptoms appear only in the winter season. Just based on these symptoms ‘petroleum’ 200 must be given in two or three doses. Patient is cured after just 2 or 3 doses.

Mezereum : This is a special drug of eczema on head. If there is frozen crust on head, hands and smelly pus out from under then, worm  found in  this  pus, locks of hair on the head, ‘Vesicles’ formed , the bones are affected, on touching and in night there is pain, burning and itching increases, relief in open-air. 5-6 doses of the drug at 30 or 200 are advantageous.


Medicine for Bunion

Antimonium Crudum: It has special effects on bunion of foot sole. Bunions occur mostly in foot sole. Antimonium Crudum is the best medicine along with ‘Ranunculus Bulbosus’ -30.

Wedge acne: In late adolescence and teen age, hormonal change in the body, the development of sexual organs, the mind begins to experience sexual feelings. The stomach problem, constipation, body heat increase, the high consumption of fried and citrus foods causes wedge-acne on the face. The identification of the symptoms is essential for proper medication.

 Homeopathic treatment of acne wedge

  • Acne which occur on all over face and feel pain by touching and have nails for them three doses of the ‘Hepar Sulph’-200 once a week followed with Gunpowder -3 to 12 in the next day should be taken.
  • for those who has old acne, they can take ‘Kali Bromatum’- 30, it will be useful for both girls and boys. Along with “Picricum Acidum’- 30 and ‘Calcarea Phosphorica’ -30 is more effective.
  • If stringent and nodular acne then ‘Carbo Animalis ‘ drug is more effective in 30 power.
  • Acne tends to be red. The ‘Calcarea Phosphorica’- 30, three doses a day gives benefits.
  • Women who have lower menstruation secretion, for them “Pulsatilla” -30 is a best medicine.
  • 5-5 drop of infusion of ‘Berberis Aquifolium’ dissolve in two tablespoons water ,should be taken twice a day and apply on the acne (cotton soaked )too, it makes acne heal, bright the skin color and face looks beautiful.
  • If red rash become hard then ‘Radium Bromatum’ -30 should be use.
  • To remove old acne use ‘Arnica’-200.

  • If acne leaves scars then ‘Acid Flour’ -200 for torrid nature children and ‘Silicea’-200 for soft nature children is effective.

Homeopathic treatment of freckle

Some men and women have fade pigmentation on the tip of the nose and under the eyes. It often caused by anemia, stomach and liver malfunction, by defects in the uterus. Two or three doses of The ‘Sepia’ drug in 200 power on every third day should be taken. If defect is in the uterus, then ‘Actaea Rac’ -200 on every third day should be taken. Eat 6-6 tablets twice a day of “Ferrum Phosp’ 6 x and ‘Kali Sulph’ 6 x, and apply the powder of it on affected area and wash after some time. Take special care of diet and the digestion of food should be proper.

  • If children have boils in the summer, then three doses of ‘Silicea ‘-200 in a week before the summer starts, will be good. This medicine has to follow with The ‘Kali Bi’ -30. Taking medicine for fifteen days to a month give uncertain benefits.

Homeopathic tips 

  • Inflammation, swelling, pus on the eyelids – Hepar Sulph
  • Nasal bone bruises, mouth sores – Hydrastis
  • Nose wound and wound reached to the bone, a hole form in the bone – Aurum Met
  • . Chronic pus in Eustachian tube, knots in mid ear, air sound, and deafness – Iodium

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