Abies Canadensis 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

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Uses Of Abies Canadensis

(1) Indigestion; Digestive disturbances; Appetite – like hunger; Overeating
(2) Uterine displacement
(3) Great debility
(4) Comparison of abies and gelsemium in weakness
(5) pain in the right shoulder
(6) Trembling with cold; Feeling of cold water between the shoulders
(7) desire to eat pickles, carrots, turnips etc.

(1) indigestion; Digestive disturbances; A hunger-like feeling; Overeating – Abies canadensis has a special effect on digestion. There is a hunger like feeling in the stomach. Due to this patient eats more than hunger, he does not know how much he has eaten. The patient eats so much that the stomach swells, due to which the heart’s action starts accelerating. Stomach obstructs the heart rate, palpitation begins.

(2) Uterine displacement – The use of abies canadensis is beneficial when the uterus is removed from its place. There is a slight pain in the front part of uterus which is reduced due to pressing or walking. The uterus feels soft and weak.

(3) Great debility – The patient feels very weak. Wants to lie down all the time. The patient remains sluggish due to this type of weakness. This lethargy is also found in gelsemium.

(4) Comparison of abies and gelsemium in weakness – The reason abies’s weakness and sluggishness is overeating and lack of body; The reason for the slowness of Gelsemium is weakness of the muscles, their relaxation.

(5) Pain in the right shoulder blade (Pain in the right shoulder blade) – One symptom of the drug abies canadensis is that there is pain in the right shoulder blade. In the chelidonium, there is also pain in the right shoulder blade. Lycopodium is beneficial if the pain in the point below the right shoulder. If this type of pain is in the left shoulder, then oxalic acid will be beneficial.

(6) Trembling with cold; The feeling of cold water between the shoulders – In fever, the patient feels as a cold blood is flowing in the pulse. The patient trembles with cold. The hands and skin become cold. Cold runs from top to bottom in the back. There is a feeling of cold water between the shoulders.

(7) Willingness to eat pickles, carrots, turnips – The patient has a desire to eat pickles, carrots, turnips etc. and coarse grains. If there is extreme weakness in a disease, the patient feels cold, hunger-like appetite, pickle-sauce, carrot-turnip and has a keen desire to eat, then Abies canadensis medicine will beneficial.

(8) Potency – 6, 30, 200

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