Abies Nigra 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

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Abies Nigra [This medicine is prepared from the gum of a tree like American tamarind].

Characteristic Symptoms Of Abies Nigra

(1) Abdominal pain increases after eating – Abies nigra is a good medicine for those who have increased stomach pain after eating. Abdominal pain decreases after eating in the anacardium.

(2) Feeling of something stuck like boiled egg in the upper region of the stomach – The patient feels that there is something stuck in the upper abdomen which hurts. It is felt that something hard like a boiled egg is stuck in the upper part of the stomach, which does not come out, nor come down, and it is there. If something of this type is stuck in the lower part of ‘Sternum’, then it is beneficial from China. If you feel that what you have eaten is stuck in the upper part of the stomach, then Pulsatilla or Bryonia is also beneficial.

(3) Aging of indigestion of the elderly – Abis nigra drug is used in the indigestion disease of the elderly, where the symptoms of heart also appear. The reason for their indigestion may be excessive consumption of tea or tobacco.

(4) Bad results of consumption of tea and tobacco – People who are suffering from stomach diseases as a result of excessive consumption of tea or tobacco, it is often seen that they become sleepless, cannot sleep at night. The drug Abies nigra is useful for them.

(5) Absence of hunger in the morning, hard hunger in the afternoon and night – Abis nigra drug for those who do not feel very hungry in the morning, but have keen desire for food in the afternoon and night.

(6) Experiencing something insoluble in the chest – Feeling chest pain, it seems that there is something stuck in the chest that should be removed from coughing. Just as there is something stuck in the stomach, in the chest, something like phlegm is stuck.

Other symptoms of Abies nigra medicine

(i) Pain in lower part of back
(ii) Rheumatic pains in bones
(iii) chronic malaria; Fever in summer
(iv) Hunger with no sleep at night.

Relationship – Bryonia, Nux, Thaja, Cali Carb.

Modalities – Only after meals.

Potency – 1 to 30 power.

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