Acid Benzoic 200 Uses – Benzoicum Acidum Benefits


This homeopathy medicine, Benzoic Acid is best for patients dealing with urine problems. This medicine also increases the metabolic functions of the body; it also cures arthritis, headache, loose motions, sexual diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea, lung diseases, swellings and vata disorders. After consuming this medicine the color of urine might change and this happens based on the disease. This drug has the capability of flushing out alkali along with the urine from the body, thus it makes the urine smelly and thick.

Benzoicum Acidum (Benzoic Acid) works like magic for babies who have the habit of drinking milk sleeping on the lap and do not wish to get off the lap. Yes, this is definitely not for the newborns but for toddlers. Again, it’s effective in putting an end to bed-wetting. This drug works wonders for asthma and body aches.


Urine and stool related symptoms

Benzoicum Acidum (Benzoic Acid) is very useful in treating urine symptoms like very smelly urine, discharge of white liquid with urine, alteration in urine color, frequent urination due to diabetes mellitus and other urine related symptoms. This medicine can filter the urine to make it clear again and it’s also effective in treating the symptoms of urine retention where the patient urinates drop by drop.  It is very effective in treating smelly urine condition in aged people. The medicine also efficiently treats discharge of sperm from urine, problems with the urinary bladder, swelling of vesica and other symptoms.

Benzoic Acid cures light green color loose motions, frothy stool, and gas with loose motion and dilute.

Stomach related symptoms

The patient suffers from heavy sweating while the stomach is full or during meals, it cures acute pain near the naval area and a pricking pain in the liver. The patient might also feel a pricking like feeling in the rectum and he also gets a feeling of layers of scrum hanging. He/she also suffers from itching anus and a liquid comes out upon itching. Benzoicum Acidum gives quick relief from these symptoms.

Mind and head related symptoms

This medicine works well for patients having mental disorders due to any reason or situation. The patient is remembered of his old days and he forgets stuffs while noting down or writing. The patient shows signs of insanity as well.

Benzoicum Acidum treats giddiness, a sense of falling down getting senseless, the patient also hears a kind of sound as if food is being swallowed all the time during eating and also thorns pricking all over his mouth. The victim suffers from swelling behind the ears, tongue ulcer, cold sweats on the forehead, gum turning blue, gum bleeding and related symptoms.

Nose and face related symptoms

Benzoicum Acidum treats and cures pain in nose, itching nose and redness of nose. This drug is effective in redness of face, reddish blisters on the face, face turning into copper color and red flecks on the cheeks.


Symptoms are boosted by walking about in open air and also staying naked which hardly people do. Do not take this medicine with copaiva officinalis, its harmful.


You can compare this Benzoic Acid drug to ammonium benzoicum, sabina, nitricum acidum, tropaeolum etc.


Use 3 to 6 potency of Benzoic Acid to cure diseases.


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