Acne Treatment In Homeopathy – Homeopathic Remedies For Acne Oily Skin


Acne is an inflammatory disease of sebaceous (oil) glands. During puberty, sex hormones speed up the secretion of oil from these glands. Problems begin where there is a build up of oil in the narrow gland openings or drainage passages in the skin. It is, therefore, important that the perspiration and other coatings clogging the skin pores be washed off. Acne should not be squeezed as it leads to inflammation and scarring.

Four main types of acne are:

  1. White Heads: Round white blemishes that form when hair follicles become clogged.
  2. Black Heads: Round, dark blemishes that form when white heads reach the skin’s surface and touch air.
  3. Pimples: Red, swollen bumps that form when plugged follicle walls break near the skin’s surface.
  4. Deep Cysts: Pimples filled with pus that form when plugged follicle walls break deep within the skin.

Homeopathy Medicine ACNE Treatment, Pimples

Antimonium crud. (Thrice a day) : Pimples on the face and shoulders of fat persons with dry skin and indigestion.

Arsenicum brom. (Twice a day) : Acne rosacea, Violet papules on nose worse in spring weather. Pimples on face, nose, upper lip and chin of young girls.

Arsenicum alb. (Thrice a day) : Acne on the nose.

Asterias rub. (Thrice a day) : Red pimples on the sides of nose, chin and mouth. Pimples in the period between puberty and maturity.

Belladonna (Thrice a day) : Red pimples. May be burning and may be painful.

Berberis aq. (Twice a day) : Dry pimples and blotches. Clears complexion and helps removing marks left after cure of acne and blotches.

Borax 3x (Thrice a day) : Pimples on the nose and the lips which become swollen.

Calcarea carb 200 (Twice a day) : Little pimples on the roots of the hair which bleed when scratched in fat and flabby girls.

Calcarea phos 6x (Thrice a day) : Acne of anemic girls at puberty with menstrual troubles.

Calcarea sulph 30c (Thrice a day) : Pimples and pustules on the face and around ears discharge a yellowish secretion.

Calotropis 30c (Thrice a day) : It heals the ulcers and blotches from the skin
and perfects the cure.

Causticum 30c (Thrice a day) : Acne on the nose.

Chelidonium 30c (Thrice a day) : Painful red pimples.

Dulcamara 30c : Eruptions on hands, arms or face around the menstrual periods.

Eugenia jam 30c (Thrice a day) : Simple and indurated acne. Painful pimples. Black head pimples. Red pimples and rosy skin on the sides of the nose, chin and mouth. Useful for all ages.

Fagopyrum 30c (Thrice a day) : Red and sore blotches here and there and also on the hairy parts. Itching Worse by scratching

Graphites 30c (One dose daily) : Acne worse during and after periods, with dry skin.

Hepar sulphuris 30c (Thrice a day) : Pimples which suppurate with white pus. May be as large as a pea.

Hydrocotyle 3x (Thrice a day) : Great dryness of the skin. Acne of red color on the face. nose and chin.

Juglans regia (Thrice a day) : Black head pimples. Red pustules.

Kalium ars (Twice a day) : Acne pustules worse during menses.

Kalium brom 30c (Thrice a day) : Itchy pimples on the face, chest and shoulders, Blackheads, pustules with a depressed centre as if papular eruptions of smallpox, with burning and pain. Acne may be associated with increased sexual urge, hormonal changes of puberty. It also helps removal of scars left after cure of acne.

Kalium mur (Thrice a day) : Vesicular type of acne-containing thick white

Ledum pal. (Thrice a day) : Red pimples on forehead and cheeks.

Magnesium mur. (Thrice a day) : Pimples on face and forehead which appear before the start of menses and when the patient is constipated.

Medorrhinum 1M (One dose only) : Acne and blotches of red color on the face. (Repeat after 1 week)

Mercurius sol. (Twice a day) : Pimples. Vesicular and pustular eruptions
along with the pimples. Skin is always moist with viscid sweats.

Natrium mur 200 (One dose daily) : Pimples with an oily skin. Earthy complexion.

Nitricum acidum (Thrice a day) : Black pores on face, papules worse on the forehead.

Oophorinum 3x (Thrice a day) : Acne rosacea and other skin disorders during climacteric.

Pulsatilla nig. (Thrice a day) : Pimples worse at puberty and at the start of menstruation, especially in girls who are overweight and have delayed menses.

Radium brom. (Twice a day) : Small pimples with itching, burning, swelling and redness. Great burning is the keynote for the use of this remedy. Acne rosacea, birth marks, moles and ulcers are influenced by its use.

Sanguinaria (Thrice a day) : Red blotchy eruption on the face and body with a sensation of burning and itching.

Selenium met. (Thrice a day) : Black pimples and black corns.

Sepia (Thrice a day) : Pimples on the forehead near the roots of hair.

Silicea 6x (Thrice a day) : Rose colored blotches. Skin pale and waxy.
Patient is chilly.

Streptococcinum 200 (One dose only) : Chronic cases resisting treatment.

Sulphur 30 (One dose daily) : Acne in the orifice of the eye.

Sulphur iodatum : Acne, papules and pustules on the face.

Tarentula cub (Thrice a day) : Septic, burning, painful and red pimples.

Thuja occ 1M (One dose only) : Blotches (i.e. pimples with pus) worse after scratching. An excellent remedy for a acne facialis. The skin is dry.



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