Aletris Farinosa Mother Tincture Uses, Benefits And Side Effects


Aletris farinose is commonly known as unicorn root. It is also called true unicorn, crow-corn, white colic-root or white stargrass.

The plant is found mainly in the eastern parts of the United States, and southern parts of Canada. It is found in most of the parts on the east of the Mississippi River.

About Aletris Farinosa

Aletris farinosa is a herb that spreads through underground rhizomes. It has rosettes of leaves. The leaves are narrow and have a bright yellowish green color. The stalks of the flowers grow up to 100 cm, and the leaves are about 20 cm in length.

The flowers themselves are white and grow up to 10 mm long. The fruit of Aletris farinose tapers at the tip and is like a dry capsule.

Health Issues Cured by Aletris farinosa

Aletris farinose is mostly used and recommended for diseases in the female body. This drug has treated illnesses related to menstruation.

Menorrhagia: Excess bleeding during menses (menorrhagia) or after abortion can be treated by Aletris farinose.

Female Disorders: when a patient suffers from irregular menses combined with extreme pain, Aletris farinose should be used for the treatment. This drug can also be used in women who feel heavy in the ovary or have inflammation in the ovary.

General symptoms: Aletris farinose can be used in the treatment of women suffering from body weaknesses, anemia or muscle pain during delivery.

Diseases of the stomach and rectum: Some women suffer from the lack of a good appetite. They face problems whole passing stool as they have not ingested enough food. They find the process of excretion very hard and painful. Aletris farinose helps them relieve the pain.

Mind and mood-related symptoms: There are many changes in the moods of a woman during her menses. If such a woman is suffering from a weak memory or a thin body, Aletris farinose should be given to her. It also helps women if they are feeling giddy or feel they are going to faint. These symptoms can be treated by Aletris farinose.

Effects in the mouth: Aletris farinose can be used when a patient has scummy saliva along with problems during menses.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Aletris farinosa sometimes increases acid in the stomach. This may decrease the effects of the medications that are used to the reduced acidity of the stomach.
  • It’s not safe to consume Aletris farinosa during pregnancy. It can act like estrogen, a hormone that affects fertility adversely. The drug should be avoided during breastfeeding for the same reason.
  • The gastrointestinal tract can get irritable with Aletris farinosa, and so it is best to avoid this drug in case of problems of the stomach and intestines.
  • Aletris farinose works in favor of estrogen. So, if there is any condition where estrogen is harmful, like breast cancer or ovarian cancer, it is best to avoid this drug.

Like any other drug, you have to be very cautious while using Aletris farinose. Please make sure you follow your doctor’s prescription when you take the doses.

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