Alnus Rubra Homeopathy Uses, Benefits And Side Effects


Alnus Rubra is better known as Alnus glutinosa or European alder or just alder. It is a part of the Betulaceae family which grows mostly across Europe, southwest Asia, and northern Africa.

The poor quality of the soil is not a hindrance for this plant to grow. The wetlands help it to thrive with the help of a bacteria called the Frankia alni.

The tree grows to the height of 30 meters. It is medium sized and does not have a long lifespan.

The male and female flowers are separate in this tree with short-stalked leaves. The fruits are like a cone.

The tree is common and shelters wildlife, insects, and lichens. Some of the fungi are also dependent on the tree for survival. This tree colonizes vacant areas and starts a formation of many types of trees which eventually form forests.

But the Alnus Rubra tree itself dies as it doesn’t get sufficient light. The timber from this dead tree is used for foundations and also for manufacturing paper and making fiber. It is even used for carving, turnery, and joinery. The locals use the products of this tree as remedies for some diseases. The extracts of its seeds have anti-pathogen bacteria.

About Alnus Rubra

  • The Alnus Rubra commonly grows in all of Europe. It grows a lot in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It also nurtured in the Asian countries including Turkey, Iran, and Kazakhstan. Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco have plenty of these trees within Africa.
  • It grows naturally near swamps and wetlands. It is found very close to rivers, lakes, and ponds. It does develop on dry areas, but that is mostly near the thick forest areas.
  • This tree is a favorite food for small herbivorous animals like rabbits, hares, sheep, and deer.
  • It’s a herb that has unlimited uses.

Health Issues Cured by Alnus Rubra

The bark of the Alnus is useful to cure chronic skin affections, syphilis and rheumatism. It is mostly the part treatment and curing of Leucorrhoea which has erosions that bleed, and It also helps when there is a pain with burning sensations.

It also helps relieve pain in the rectum in case of hard stool.

Astringent: Alnus has anti-inflammatory properties. So, it is used as an astringent.

Pimples: It is used to cure pimples due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tonics: It is used as a tonic to cure a sore throat.

Ulcers of the mouth and throat: Alnus alder takes care of the glandular activities which help in curing mouth and throat ulcers.

Diseases related to the female body: It helps in the relief of pain caused due to menses in women. It also helps to cure itching in the uterus due to leucorrhoea. Alnus alder also helps to heal any type of pains in the thighs of women.

Precautions and Side Effects

There are yet none of the known side effects of Alnus alder drug.

The drug has many uses and little side effects, but despite this, it is imperative that you consult your doctor before using it.

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