Alstonia Scholaris Homeopathic Remedies Uses And Side Effects


Alstonia Scholaris, or the devil’s tree, is found mostly in Asia. It’s a tropical tree which is also known as blackboard tree, dita bark, milkwood-pine, shaitan tree, white cheesewood in different parts of the world.

It has the distinction of being declared as ‘Saptparni: The State Tree of West Bengal, in India.

It is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and parts of Australia as well.

The flowers in this tree bloom around October every year.

The tree of Alstonia Scholaris grows up to 40 m in height. It has a grayish colored bark, and the leaves are marked with lentils. The leaves of the herb are glossy on the upper side but are grayish on the underside.

About Alstonia Scholaris

Alstonia Scholaris is considered to be the tree of enlightenment by the Buddhists. The Bodhi Tree, where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment is one of the same species.

The wood of Alstonia Scholaris is generally used to make pencils. The fact that it proliferates makes it affordable to be cultivated for its wood.

Its wood is used to make coffins in Sri Lanka while it’s used to make utensils, trenchers, and corks in places like Borneo.

Health Issues Cured by Alstonia Scholaris

Diseases of the stomach: This drug is useful in patients who feel an emptiness or hollowness in their stomachs. It also helps patients who feel extremely weak. It is an excellent treatment for patients who have weak digestion.

Diseases of the Abdomen: Alstonia Scholaris is useful in patients who are experiencing cramps in the bowel and are purging violently

Diseases associated with Malaria: The effects of this drug are similar to quinine, that’s effective to cure malaria. After the impact of malaria and other fever-related conditions, the patient feels very weak. In this situation, Alstonia Scholaris helps in recuperating.

Diseases associated with Tuberculosis: This drug makes a person healthy and so is useful while healing of tuberculosis. Alstonia Scholaris restores the tone of the stomach, which is helpful as the strong medicines taken to cure tuberculosis cause damage to the inner linings of the stomach.

Precautions and Side Effects

It looks like Alstonia Scholaris is not entirely safe to be used in all types of diseases. It is known to cause a few side effects due to some chemicals it has. It tends to cause allergic reactions, irritability and even depression in some cases. Some cases have been known where it caused heart problems leading to death when the doses are taken very large.

It is best avoided in these situations:

  • Avoid the herb during pregnancy and lactation as it may harm the baby and the mother.
  • If it’s taken in case of depression or schizophrenia, it might make it worse instead of curing it.
  • Alstonia Scholaris might worsen a case of stomach ulcers if taken without the prescription.
  • This drug is a stimulant and so increases the heart rate. Thus, it should be avoided in case the patient has to go through a surgery.

Like any other drug, Alstonia Scholaris should be used cautiously.

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