Amyl Nitrosum 30c Uses, Symptoms And Materia Medica


Amyl Nitrosum is a beneficial drug used to cure various diseases mainly when the vago motor starts functioning slowly and the face turn red- hot. The blood begins to circulate quickly towards the head and face, and even little stimulation makes a face turning red. The patient feels heaviness, burning sensations and heat in his head. He might feel like the burning sensation and jerk will burst his head. Besides this he also can feel the stretching sensation in heart and throat, the burning irritations in the ears are so vicious that you can notice it from outside easily. The patient eyes get expanded as they will come out.

After smelling this drug or medicine patient starts getting normal. It affects rapidly in the veins and arteries consequently these stretches and the body, face, and head become warm. All symptoms get cured, and arteries start working correctly.

The issues related with menses ending phase and in fast heartbeat Amyl Nitrosum is an effective medication. This medicine is also helpful in yawning, unconsciousness, and hiccups.

Usage Of Amyl Nitrosum In Various Health Symptoms

Symptoms correlated with the Head

Amyl Nitrosum must be inhaled in teeming sweating through menstrual cycle and sensing the warmth over or near the ears.

Symptoms correlated to Throat

Amyl Nitrosum must be inhaled in the cases of fast heartbeats, sensing suffocation, increase blood circulation from head to face and throat stricture.

Symptoms Correlated with the Chest

Amyl Nitrogum is also a potent medication in curing specific chest issues. If patients have respiratory problems, seldom stress in asthma, sensing heaviness and suffocation in a chest, suffocative cough, pain, and stricture in the heart area and congestion in the heart activities then must take this medicine to get instant relief.

Symptoms Correlated with Females

Amyl Nitrosum works wonders in labor pain, feeling of facial warmth, head warmth and headache after menses stop, internal vaginal bleeding and other severe women health issues.

Symptoms correlated with Fever

This medicine can be taken in the cases of last warm body and immediately after adhesive and cold body, a flaming sense in the body and excessive sweating.

Symptoms Related with External Parts of the Body

Occasionally patient endures from regular stretching till several hours and has to stretch the entire body. The patient also undergoes from varicose veins and over pulsation of fingers. The Amyl Nitrosum drug can cure these.

Symptoms Related to Delivery

It is also used in the case of excess blood loss from the vagina and in the case of jolting soon after delivery.

Symptoms Related to Several Other Diseases

Sunstroke, hysteria, neuralgic headache, epilepsy and bright and menstrual regulations are specific issues that can be cured by Amyl Nitrosum.


Amyl Nitrosum is actually consumed by inhaling or smelling to cure severe health diseases where blood vessels control sudden jerking of heat, pain, burning, fits, fatigues, jaundice, cold and more. This medication is also being used in treating asthma attacks and epilepsy fits, struggle to breathe.


You can compare Amyl Nitrosum with the medicines like Lachesis, Belladonna, Coc, Glonoine, Aconite, Cactus, etc. Inhaling this medicine offers rapid relief. Smelling this drug gives you quick relief and proves out to be efficacious at the time of death caused by the side-effects of this medicine, which is used for making a patient unconscious.

Anti-miasmatic Medication

To control over the severe ill-will effects of Amyl Nitrosum, Cactus, Argentum, and Strychninum are used.


Well, few drops (4-5 droplets) of Amyl Nitrosum on a clean handkerchief for patient’s smelling are fair enough. Despite the above-mentioned health problems and symptoms, it also prevents many other severe health issues. It is recommended to be used in 3rd potency.

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