Angustura Vera 30 Uses, Benefits And Side Effects


Angustura Vera is made from the plant known as the Angostura. Angostura is found in the parts of South America.

About Angustura Vera

The bark of the plant is bitter and so is used for in medicines that require a bitter taste.

Health Issues Cured by Angustura Vera

Some patients experience pain in the joints while walking due to severe pain in the joints. Such patients should be treated with Angustura Vera.

Rheumatism: Angustura Vera is helpful for patients who face pain in the back. Rheumatism mainly causes pain in the spine and lower back. It also causes stiffness in the joints. Patients experience spasms in the muscles, cramps and other such pains in the body, especially the knees. Angustura Vera helps to get relief in all such pains.

Osteoarthritis: This is a disease where there is the extreme pain in the joints and also the bones are deteriorating. The person finds it very difficult to move after sitting for a long time. The knees become incredibly stiff. Angustura vera helps patients with this condition.

Bad Posture: If a person has had a bad posture, caused by some ailment, that can cause pain in that part of the body. Angustura vera helps to improve his posture by giving relief in parts of the body like the knees, back, and hips.

Pains due to extreme cold: Patients with diseases like Rheumatism and Osteoarthritis suffer from chronic body aches during the cold weather in winters. Angustura vera should be taken for relief from the cold.

Head related issues: Patients who suffer from headaches, pain in the facial muscles, like the cheeks and jaws. This drug should be used to treat patients with such ailments.

Stomach Ailments: Some patients suffer pain in the navel. They have a strong desire to drink coffee all the time. The feeling comes after the patient suffers from a lot of coughs. Such patients find relief with Angustura Vera.

This drug has properties that help in digestion and work against some of the microbes. Hence, Angustura vera can be used to treat ailments of the stomach caused by digestive disorders. It also helps in the cure of diarrhea. It is an excellent remedy for treating hemorrhoids.

Abdominal symptoms: In this case, the patient feels itchy near the stomach. He experiences pain on the vertebra near the neck. There is a constant jerking movement as well. Angustura Vera can be used in the treatment of such patients.

Skin Diseases: Angustura Vera is very helpful in curing skin ailments caused by wounds.

Aggravations: Some of the symptoms in patients are aggravated when they swallow liquids or are in noisy areas. Angustura Vera helps such people.

Precautions and Side Effects

There is still no such valid and more information available about this drug. It has not been used enough to know it’s side effects. Hence it is advisable to use this drug under prescription. Please do not take any doses of Angustura Vera without a doctor’s prescription as that may be harmful.

Ask A Doctor

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