Antidote of Acid Fluor 30, 200 homeopathic medicine

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Acid Fluor is used in bone wounds and especially in tumors. This medicine is also beneficial in gingivitis and eye canker. Washing with cold water gives relief in the wounds of Acid Fluor, while washing with cold water in the wounds of Silicea increases the pain. The patient of Acid Fluor looks like an old man at a young age. Thiosinaminum and Acid Fluor should be used in cataract.

Dental disease – Cures the problem of abscess in the gums. There is a lot of bad smell from the mouth. Acid Fluor should be consumed for at least 2 to 3 months in tooth disease. Silicea is very beneficial in the wound of bone or tooth. Using Acid Fluor after Silicea doubles the benefits.

Whitlow – If cold water provides relief in the wound of whitlow, then such a wound gets cured with Acid Fluor.

Varicose Veins – Hamamelis is beneficial in the new disease of varicose veins and Acid Fluor is beneficial in the old disease.

Urination – Acid Fluor is beneficial in burning like a fire in the urinary tract at the time of urinating and after urinating. Such irritation is also found in Cantharis.

Skin diseases – If there is a lot of itching in skin diseases, then Acid Fluor will be beneficial. Blisters appear in a small area in the patient’s limb. The patient’s skin remains dry.

Stomach diseases – Abdominal pain and bloating. The patient feels very thirsty and wants to drink only cold water.

Apart from these, it is beneficial in problems like swelling of the knee, enlargement and hardening of the liver, wounds in the nose, hair fall, pus in the ears.

Antidote of Acid Fluor – Silicea

Potency – 6 to 200 potency.

Questions and answers about Acid Fluor

Question: – I had consumed Acid Fluor 1M, due to which I had some problem, then will I have to take only 1M potency in antidote?

Answer: – If you have consumed Acid Fluor 1M then it is not that you need to take antidote of same potency, you can use antidote in 30 ch also. Sometimes the medicine which has caused aggravation like Acid Fluor 1M, then taking the lowest potency of Acid Fluor i.e. Acid Fluor 3 Ch also ends the aggravation.

Question: – If I consume alcohol after taking Acid Fluor, will there be any change in the action of Acid Fluor or can there be aggravation?

Answer: – We know that every homeopathic medicine is made from alcohol, so if you consume alcohol after Acid Fluor then its action will definitely get hampered. If you consume alcohol, then definitely tell your doctor about it.

Question: – Can I take Acid Fluor medicine for Varicose Veins and Hair Fall?

Answer: – Yes, Acid Fluor medicine is used in varicose veins and hair fall. If you are troubled by the problem of varicose veins and hair fall, then take Acid Fluor on the advice of your doctor. The dosage of Acid Fluor may vary depending on the disease. That’s why it is important to ask a doctor before taking Acid Fluor in varicose veins and hair fall.

Question: – Is there any kind of side effect of Acid Fluor?

Answer : – Acid Fluor is well used in Varicose Veins and Hair Fall and there is no side effect due to excessive consumption of Acid Fluor. Yes, consumption of Acid Fluor can cause aggravation. Therefore, before consuming Acid Fluor in varicose veins and hair fall, consult your doctor. Doctors can change the potency of Acid Fluor. Remember Acid Fluor may cause aggravation but not have side effects.

Question: – Should Acid Fluor be consumed before or after eating food in varicose veins and hair fall?

Answer: – If you are taking Acid Fluor in Varicose Veins and Hair Fall then take it half an hour before the meal or even half an hour after the meal, Acid Fluor can be taken.

Question: – Can pregnant women consume Acid Fluor?

Answer: – Acid Fluor can be consumed by pregnant women, all the medicines of homeopathy are safe for pregnant women. However, before consuming Acid Fluor in varicose veins and hair fall, please consult your doctor.

Question: – Can lactating women use Acid Fluor for Varicose Veins and Hair Fall?

Answer: – Consumption of Acid Fluor in Varicose Veins and Hair Fall is safe for both mother and baby. Still, consult a doctor before consuming Acid Fluor.

Question: – If I consume Acid Fluor in Varicose Veins and Hair Fall, will it affect my liver, kidney and heart?

Answer :- Nope! There is no side effect of Acid Fluor. Consumption of Acid Fluor does not have any bad effect on liver, kidney and heart. Still, ask your doctor before taking Acid Fluor.

Question: – What is to be avoided while taking Acid Fluor medicine?

Answer: – If you are taking Acid Fluor or any homeopathic medicine then do not take raw onion, raw garlic, asafoetida, sour things and coffee.

Question: – Is it forbidden to consume alcohol with Acid Fluor medicine?

Answer: – If you are taking Acid Fluor for Varicose Veins and Hair Fall and will consume alcohol together then keep a gap of at least 2 hours between Acid Fluor medicine and drinking alcohol. It would be best to stop the consumption of alcohol.

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