Antidote of Benzoic Acid 30, 200 Homeopathy Medicine

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The urine of benzoic acid patient smells like horse urine. Unintentionally urinating. This medicine is beneficial in gout. If there is any disease, if the urine smells like horse urine, then benzoic acid medicine should be used first. No sediments accumulate in its urine.

The action of benzoic acid on gonorrhea patient is quick. If the pus in gonorrhea stops and if someone gets gout, then Benzoic acid is beneficial.

It is used after Colchicum in rheumatism and after copaiva in gonorrhea.

Antidote of Benzoic acid – Copaiva

Potency – 6 to 200 potency. The disease worsens in the open air and when clothes are removed from the body.

Questions and Answers about Benzoic Acid

Question: – I had consumed Benzoic acid 200CH, due to which I had some problem, then will I have to take only 200CH potency in antidote?

Answer: – If you have consumed Benzoic acid 200CH then it is not that you need to take antidote of same potency, you can use antidote in 30 ch also. Sometimes the drug which has caused aggravation, such as Benzoic acid 1M, then taking the lowest potency of benzoic acid i.e. Benzoic acid 3 Ch also ends the aggravation.

Question: – If I consume alcohol after taking benzoic acid, will there be any change in the action of benzoic acid or can there be aggravation?

Answer: – We know that every homeopathic medicine is made from alcohol, so if you consume alcohol after benzoic acid, then its action will definitely get hampered. If you consume alcohol, then definitely tell your doctor about it.

Question: – Can I take Benzoic acid medicine in gout?

Answer: – Yes, Benzoic acid medicine is used in gout. If you are troubled by the problem of gout, then take benzoic acid on the advice of your doctor. The dosage of benzoic acid may vary depending on the disease. Therefore it is necessary to ask the doctor before taking Benzoic acid in gout.

Question: – Is there any kind of side effect of Benzoic acid?

Answer: – Benzoic acid is well used in gout and there is no side effect due to excessive consumption of benzoic acid. Yes, the consumption of benzoic acid can cause aggravation. Therefore, before taking Benzoic acid in gout, consult your doctor. Doctors can change the potency of benzoic acid. Remember Benzoic acid may cause aggravation but not side effects.

Question: – Should benzoic acid be consumed before or after eating food in gout?

Answer: – If you are taking Benzoic acid in gout, then take it half an hour before the meal or even after half an hour after eating food, Benzoic acid can be taken.

Question: – Can pregnant women take Benzoic acid?

Answer: – Benzoic acid medicine can be consumed by pregnant women, all homeopathic medicines are safe for pregnant women. Nevertheless, before consuming benzoic acid in gout, definitely consult your doctor.

Question: – Can a breastfeeding woman use Benzoic acid in gout?

Answer: – Benzoic acid is safe for both mother and child in gout disease. Nevertheless, before consuming benzoic acid, consult a doctor.

Question: – If I take Benzoic acid in gout disease, will it affect my liver, kidney and heart?

Answer :- Nope! There is no side effect of benzoic acid. Consumption of benzoic acid does not have any bad effect on liver, kidney and heart. Still, ask your doctor before taking benzoic acid.

Question:- What is to be avoided in taking Benzoic acid medicine?

Answer: – If you are taking Benzoic acid or any homeopathic medicine then do not take raw onion, raw garlic, asafoetida, sour things and coffee.

Question: – Is it forbidden to consume alcohol with Benzoic acid medicine?

Answer: – If you are taking Benzoic acid for gout and will consume alcohol together then keep a gap of at least 2 hours between Benzoic acid medicine and drinking alcohol. It would be best to stop the consumption of alcohol.

What has been told about Benzoic acid in this article is for people of all ages. Here is the antidote of benzoic acid.

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