Antidote of Sulphur 30, 200, 1M Homeopathy Medicine

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Antidote of Sulphur 30, 200, 1M Homeopathy Medicine

First of all, understand to which patient sulphur is given – the patient is lean, thin, walks quickly, does all the work in a hurry. Messy means remains unhygienic. He doesn’t like to take a bath. The condition worsens after taking a bath. He doesn’t mind wearing torn and dirty clothes. If given any work, he will have no time to eat or drink, suppose he is a researcher, then books will be scattered on his table, he will have no sense of eating or drinking, his beard will grow. He is not able to reach his work till the end, he is like a philosopher, he is thirsty. As soon as he opens his eyes in the morning, he runs for defecation.

Now if such a patient who is a patient of sulphur is given sulphur high potency and it causes aggravation or a new disease arises, then which medicine should you use?

First of all, do not take the medicine for 3 days, in most cases the aggravation gets cured on its own. But if the patient’s problem has increased more which is beyond tolerable, then you need his antipyretic medicine.

Antidote to Sulphur

The antidote of Sulphur is Nux vomica, Camphor, Aconite, Arsenic, Chamomilla, China, Causticum, Merc, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox.

Now there is a need to understand how to use these analgesic medicines. All are antidote of sulphur, but there is a need to understand which of them to use.

Remember one thing, Camphor is the antidote for most homeopathic medicines. Whenever there is aggravation from any medicine, keep Camphor at home and take 2-3 doses. In most cases the symptoms will end there.

Now let’s assume that by using sulphur, if someone is afraid of death, starts telling the date of his death, if he feels more thirsty, along with restlessness, then aconite is to be given, just as aconite will be given, he will start doing his work by cutting off the action of sulphur. Now aconite is a short acting remedy, so keep giving it 2 drops every 2 hours, definitely give 3 to 4 doses.

Now if the patient is weak, very thirsty, but drink sips of water, if there is a lot of burning and restlessness, then use Arsenic. If the problem of skin increases after taking sulphur medicine, you can still use Arsenic to cut off the action of sulphur.

The most important of these is Nux vomica because Nux vomica is a drug given after sulphur. Like a alcoholic is given Nux vomica after sulphur. Sulphur works well during the day in sunlight and Nux vomica works well in the subconscious mind after sleeping at night. When Nux vomica works, it does its work only on the intestines by cutting sulphur. Now the nux is the antidote of sulphur, yet why are we giving sulphur during the day and nux at night in the case of an alcoholic. Because the mind of an alcoholic is fickle, by not focusing on one thing, the brain is weak, so sulphur is given during the day because sulphur works more on the conscious mind. Now at night it is necessary to stop the action of sulphur and make it work on the subconscious mind, so despite the antidote, it gives nux and the alcoholic is allowed to drink alcohol.

One thing to note is that lycopodium is not to be used after sulphur at all. But sulphur can be given after lyco. Sulph follows lyco, but lyco does not follow sulph by kent. Remember one thing, it is forbidden to take Calcarea before sulphur.

Some FAQs about Sulphur/Antidote of Sulphur

Question. I had consumed Sulphur 1M, due to which I had some problem, so do I have to take only 1M potency in the antidote?

Answer. If you have consumed Sulphur 1M then it is not that you need to take antidote of same potency, you can use antidote in 30 ch also. Sometimes the medicine which has caused aggravation, such as Sulphur 1M, then taking the lowest potency of Sulphur i.e. Sulphur 3 Ch also ends the aggravation.

Question. Does drinking coffee after sulphur destroy the action of sulphur?

Answer. This is not necessary. In homeopathy, drinking coffee only on some medicines destroys the action. Sulphur should be used only after contacting your doctor.

Question. I had itching problem, for this I took 2 doses of Sulphur 30. But my itching has increased. What do I do for this?

Answer. First of all, understand that such a problem comes from the consumption of Sulphur. Itching increases and this problem manifests itself in skin related diseases. This problem starts to subside on its own in a few days. However, if you want to use the antidote of Sulphur, you can.

Question. After how many days of taking Sulphur, the action of this medicine will automatically disappear?

Answer. The action of Sulphur lasts for 40 to 60 days. After this, its action is destroyed within 60 days by changing the symptoms.

Question. If I consume alcohol after taking Sulphur, will there be any change in the action of Sulphur or can there be aggravation?

Answer. We know that every homeopathic medicine is made from alcohol, so if you consume alcohol after Sulphur, then its action will definitely get hampered. If you consume alcohol, then definitely tell your doctor about it.

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