Aranea Diadema 30 Uses, Benefits And Side effects


Aranea Diadema is prepared by the homeopaths from the venom of the spider called Aranea Diadema. The spider is extremely poisonous, but a German doctor first made a remedy from this spider in the 19th century.

About Aranea Diadema

Aranea Diadema is used mostly to cure poisoning but is also used in other remedies.

It is made by crushing the entire body of the spider. The crushes body is then kept in alcohol for about ten days. The liquid that is formed after this is used for the treatments in the form of tinctures and also for consumption.

Health Issues Cured by Aranea Diadema

Malaria: Patients who suffer from malaria benefit from Aranea Diadema.

  • It is used to cure the malarial fever
  • It helps to heal poisoning if caused by malaria

Head: It is beneficial in the treatment of the patient having symptoms of the head related ailments.

  • Relief from smoke in the air
  • Warm feelings in the eyes
  • A sudden toothache in the morning

External body parts: Some patients with problems in their outer body parts can also be treated with Aranea Diadema.

  • Patients experience acute pain in their hands and legs
  • There is the pain in the parts of the face, like the cheeks, chin, gums, lips, etc.
  • The feet and hands are paining due to inflammation.
  • There is a feeling of numbness in the entire body.

Symptoms of the mind and moods: Aranea Diadema is helpful in the treatment of some of the mood and mind related symptoms.

  • People who are short tempered
  • A patient who is nervous all the time
  • Someone who is ill at ease and restless
  • Patients who have claustrophobia – fear of enclosed or narrow spaces.
  • Patients experience pains as if they are getting electric shocks.

Gynaecological problems: Aranea Diadema helps in gynaecological issues in females.

  • It helps in case of irregular or early menses.
  • Bloating of the stomach
  • Pain in the waist and abdomen due to monthly periods.

Stomach: Aranea Diadema helps in stomach related issues as well.

  • If there are cramps in the stomach region after eating
  • General cramps and pain in the stomach

Nervous disorders: Aranea Diadema is suitable for the treatment of people who are suffering from nervous disorders.

  • The patients who feel very cold at all times
  • Patients who experience extreme chills even in normal conditions
  • The bones feel like they are frozen
  • Body parts feel very heavy due to the cold.
  • They feel that the size of their hands and legs are longer than normal

Aggravation: Aranea Diadema helps in symptoms that are aggravated by the humid weather conditions in the afternoons and midnight.

Fever: For symptoms associated with illness, Aranea Diadema can be used for treatment.

  • When a patient feels very cold
  • Pain in the bones due to fever
  • Stomach ache when having the temperature
  • Patient has the very high fever

Precautions and Side Effects

As the medicine is primarily made from a poisonous spider, it has to be taken very carefully.

Please consume Aranea Diadema only as per the doctor’s prescriptions.

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