Arsenicum Metallicum Materia Medica, Uses And Side Effects


Arsenicum Metallicum is prepared from arsenic. Even though arsenic is considered to be the most potent poison, a grain of it, when consumed in its raw state, can cause death.

Arsenicum Metallicum is prepared from the liquid form of arsenic trioxide. The drug is named after arsenic as it is prepared from this metal. However, after the process it goes through, it’s possible that there will be less than one molecule of arsenic in a dose.

About Arsenicum Metallicum

Arsenicum Metallicum is useful in Homeopathy as they believe that like treats like. It is also known to be one of the 15 most essential medicines as it contains traces of arsenic.

Health Issues Cured by Arsenicum Metallicum

Hidden diseases: If a patient is suffering from any chronic diseases whose symptoms are not visible, or on the surface, that person should consume Arsenicum Metallicum. The conditions will become to the surface and then can be treated.

Complaints related to the head: Some patients suffer from weak memory and want to be all by themselves. They want solitude more than anything else. They also feel that their head is enlarged, even though it is entirely reasonable in size. These patients should be treated with Arsenicum Metallicum.

Mind and mood-related symptoms: If a patient is angry and irritable at all times, he can be cured with doses of Arsenicum Metallicum.

Facial issues: This medicine can be used for symptoms related to the face. Inflammation on the face, itching on the face, burning of the eyes and the skin around the eyes can all be treated with Arsenicum Metallicum.

Mouth: Patients can have tongues with a white coating and marks on their teeth. Some of them may also be suffering from mouth ulcers and toothache. These patients benefit a lot from this medicine.

Diseases of the stomach: Arsenicum Metallicum helps patients with disorders of the stomach in many ways. This drug can be used for treating such patients.

The patient may be suffering from pain and a burning sensation in the liver. This sometimes moves to the shoulders and spine.

Pains occurring due to diseases in the spleen, which moves to the groin.

Pain that starts in the breasts moves towards the hips and spleen.

Diarrhea and watery, loose motions cause extreme pain in the stomach and the entire digestive system.

Extreme diarrhea: A patient who has suffered from a severe case of diarrhea would feel very weak. The motions increase in numbers, and the patient feels relieved after passing stool. However, he suffers from exhaustion. Such a person will find relief if he takes Arsenicum Metallicum.

Aggravation: Some of the symptoms in a patient are aggravated when they look down or bow their head a bit. Doses of Arsenicum Metallicum help these patients.

Precautions and Side Effects

Arsenicum Metallicum is a form of arsenic in spite of the purification process that it goes through. Hence it is essential that the doctor’s instructions are followed very precisely while consuming this drug.

An excess of Arsenicum Metallicum can cause death by poison.

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