Arundo 30 Uses, Benefits And Side Effects


Arundo is a drug, which is used to cure allergic rhinitis which is commonly known as hay fever. This fever has symptoms of catarrh, irritations and cold. Arundo medicine is also the part of other health and sickness related issues such as head, nose or mouth related problems, etc.

Arundo Treatment and Curing For Diseases and Symptoms

Head Related Health Issues

When the patient is suffering from alopecia, headache, hair root weakness, and head itching, then Arundo drug is the potent medication to cure these symptoms.

In case of intense pain at the back of the head and when the pain shifts to the right side area, this is when the patient feels immense pain on both the sides of their head.

Ear Related Symptoms

Eczema usually occurs in the back of the ear, where a patient feels itching and burning sensations in the ear vessel. This can be cured through Arundo drug to a great extent!

Nose Problems and Related Symptoms

Arundo drug is mainly used when the patient is suffering from allergic rhinitis, fever discharging of hot fluid coming out of the nostrils, catarrh and nostril itching.

Mouth or Oral Problems

When there are itching and burning of the mouth, visible wounds inside your mouth, tongue crackling, gums bleeding and other mouth issues pop up then this medicine come to the rescue, and it is the only solution.

Stomach Related Symptoms

When the patient gets coldness in the belly and wants to eat something bitter and sour, then it indicates that something is not well. Apart from these symptoms, the patient suffers from hay fever. In this situation, Arundo medicine is used to cure these stomach related issues.

Abdominal symptomatic Issues

In this, patients usually feel something is moving inside their stomach. As they suffer movements from thigh parts and stomach flatulence. To cure such situations Arundo drug is used.

Symptoms connected to stools or feces

In this, the patient suffers mainly from feces greenness, anus burning sensations and hay fever when the patient excretes out. A woman, when feeds a baby confronts the same symptoms and gets burning sensations during excretion. She suffers from diarrhea and stool greenness too.

Urinary symptoms

This medicine is used in hay fever and when there are redness, rashes and oil like symptoms in the urine area. At this time Arundo drug proves out to be very useful.

Male Health Problems

Arundo works in favor of men’s health related to pain in spermatic cords during intimacy and sex with females.

Gynecology Symptoms

If you are having irregular menses, shoulder pain, scanty periods, abdomen and less sexual desire because of the itching in the vagina, then you can choose this medicine as a cure to your entire gynecology problem.

Problems of Respiratory Organs

This is the potent drug which is also a good healer in cold, breathing problem, chest burning, pain and blue mucus.

Health Issues of External Body Parts

Arundo is useful in treating itchiness and burning sensations in the hands and feet. It also affects soles of the feet to relax and calm with such irritations.

Skin Allergies And Diseases Symptoms

This drug is used to cure Eczema, burning skin sensations, excessive itching, crawling feels in the chest part, arms and hands cracked heels and fingers.


Arundo drug can be compared to Lolium, Silicea, Sabadilla, Bernal Grass, Sepia and Equisetum sweet medicines.

Dosage Of Arundo

This medicine should be used in third and sixth potency to cure various diseases and symptoms. Though, a medical seeking and doctor advice is always recommended before taking this drug.

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