12 Bach Flower Remedies For Mental Disorder

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Doctor Bach initially discovered 12 types of mental symptoms, which had an effect on the mental state of man. For these symptoms affecting the mental state, find the extracts of 12 special flowers i.e. tincture, which can prevent deterioration of the state of mind, mental stress, fear and depression can be cured. These medicines were called 12 perfect medicines. Doctor Bach started giving these medicines to the patients and they got very good results from these medicines. In this article, we will know the names of these main 12 batch flower medicines and in which symptoms they are given.

Rock rose – This is for those patients who are completely frightened. By going out of the house, meeting someone, going to any function, understand that the patient has social phobia, in which the patient is completely scared, it gives benefits.

Mimulus – For those patients who are afraid of something. Those who are afraid of a particular thing.

Cerato – For those people who do not believe in their judgment. Trust others for their personal work.

Scleranthus – For individuals who remain uncertain. Can’t decide on anything.

Gentian – For people who get nervous very quickly. Whose ideology has become negative.

Clematis – This medicine is for those who live in the dream world and do not pay any attention to today’s situation.

Water Violet – For those people who are happy in themselves, they like to be alone in happiness and sorrow. They do not interfere in the work of others, nor can they tolerate the interference of others.

Impatience – For those who are in a hurry. Think immediately and act immediately. They are unhappy in the slackness of the work of others.

Agrimony – For those people who want to stay away from arguments and quarrels in any situation. They bear their sorrows secretly and appear happy and content from outside.

Centaury – Those men who consider public service as their religion, mentally they are so weak that they cannot refuse anyone’s illicit demands. He is always a victim of the illegitimate demands of the people.

Chicory – This medicine is for those people who take great care of meeting the needs of others. But in return, they want the other person to continue according to their wishes in exchange for their service and if this is not the case, then they cry.

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