Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Benefits, Uses, Price, Dosage And Side Effect

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In this article, we will discuss about Rescue Remedy which is prepared by Dr. Bach.

There are a total of 38 medicines in batch flower remedies, which can also be combined. There is no need to find potency like homeopathic. According to Dr. Bach’s theory, no matter what is the disease in the body, the treatment of the biggest diseases can be done easily by choosing medicines only on the basis of mental symptoms.

He made Rescue Remedy by mixing 5 medicines out of 38 medicines. Now, let us understand about the medicines which have been mixed together: –

Star of Bethlehem – Another name is ornithogalum umbellatum. It is mainly a condition of physical and mental shock. Mental shock can easily reduced by this medicine.

Rock Rose – After a horrific accident or after witnessing a horrific scene, it has an effect in mind for years. The idea of ​​an event or accident remains in his mind. This fear does not come out, fear lies in the heart due to the scary dream. This medicine eradicates this kind of fear and arouses courage in it.

Impatiens – Its full name is impedance glandulifera. Its patient is in hurry in every task. Therefore, such patients are very nervous. Those who walk and speak quickly, they are quick to do everything, they do not tolerate the slow work of anyone, they also start doing other tasks themselves and they do not give others the opportunity to speak or do their own thing and themselves They get up saying that I understand, they do not like people who work slow. It also relieves mental stress.

Cherry Plum – Its other name is prunus cerasifera. Failure in life, death of a loved one, loss of business, fear, etc. frustration caused by reason, wishing for death, repeated thoughts of suicide. In this case, cherry plum are given to erase depression.

Clematis – Its person is a dreamer. Air Fortress builder. Is always lost in its own thoughts. Therefore, he is not able to concentrate properly on anything. While working, its attention goes to the other side. In such a situation, this medicine gives benefits. It also removes unconsciousness.

So this 5 medicine is in Rescue Remedy. Dr. Bach has told this to be used in emergencies. This drug is useful in all conditions, physical and mental shock, hysteria, fainting, fear, night terrors, acute pain, accident, fall, injury etc.

Let’s understand how to take it: – you can take 5 drops of Rescue Remedy 3 times a day. It can also be taken for a long time. There is no side effect of this medicine, as I told you can take this drug without hesitation.

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