Baptisia Tinctoria Homeopathy Benefits, Uses And Side Effect

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Baptisia Tinctoria Symptoms & nature of the disease

  1. Symptoms of typhoid – increasing weakness with fever and then ‘stupor’
  2. Feeling of crushing pain in the body
  3. Comparison of Baptisia and Gelsemium in typhoid
  4. The patient feels that he is gathering his scattered parts.
  5. Can swallow liquids, swallowing solids suffocates.

Decrease in symptoms

(i) nothing special

Increase in symptoms

(i) Disease aggravated by heat and moisture
(ii) Growth of disease in closed room
(iii) Sickness worsens after sleeping

(1) Symptoms of typhoid – increasing weakness with fever and then ‘sleepiness’ – The symptoms of Baptisia are so similar to typhoid that it is considered as its main medicine. In the initial stage of the disease, there is feeling of nervousness, feeling of cold, pain all over the body โ€“ especially in the head, back, arms and legs. The patient feels that the body has been crushed to pieces. As the disease progresses, the weakness also increases and the patient reaches ‘sleepiness’. This stage takes the form of delirium. If you want to wake up this patient, say something, ask something, he looks at you as if he is drunk. While answering the question, he falls asleep, he is unable to give a complete answer. These symptoms of crushing of the body, pain etc. are also present in Arnica, but the patient of Arnica immediately falls asleep after answering the question, and the patient of Baptisia falls asleep while answering. If these symptoms present in Influenza, scarlet fever, Baptisia is the only medicine.

(2) Feel a crushing pain in the body – Wherever the patient tries to lie down, the pain is felt in that part of the body. In pyrogen and arnica also there is a symptom of crushing of the body, but in arnica the excreta is removed on its own, in Baptisia it does not happen; Pyrogen is suitable if there is a state of contamination of the blood with signs of body crushing. Symptoms of rhus tox are also found in typhoid, like Baptisia, the patient keeps turning on the bed, but in rhus tox, there is a triangular red mark on the tip of the tongue and the patient’s stool is thin like water of washed flesh, this symptom is not present in Baptisia. Apart from this, the stool of the patient of Baptisia is very foul smelling, this symptom is not present in the rhus tox. The diarrhea of โ€‹โ€‹Baptisia is very foul smelling.

(3) Comparison Of Baptisia and Gelsemium in typhoid – The initial stage of typhoid is similar to Gelsemium. The patient lies silently in this stage, fever is not so severe, even thin stools do not come in this state, but in the later stage when ‘weakness’ turns into ‘drowsiness’ (stupor), when fever starts getting high, loose stools start coming, then, the state of Baptisia comes. By the way, in every stage of typhoid, Baptisia benefits.

(4) The patient feels that he is collecting his scattered parts – The patient keeps changing sides in the bed, feels that his limbs are scattered, he is gathering them. Its distinctive feature is also that the patient feels that he has three bodies, all of which he tries to cover. One part argues with another.

(5) Can swallow liquids, suffocates with solids – easily drinks water, milk etc., cannot take solids, suffocates. In Ignasia, solids are easily inhaled, liquids cannot. This symptom of Ignasia is opposite to that of Baptisia.

(6) Potency and nature – From mother tincher to 200 CH. Both Baptisia and Gelsemium are short-acting medicines. The medicine is for ‘Hot’-Nature.

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