Baryta Carb 30 Uses, benefits and Side Effects


Baryta Carb is very helpful in curing diseases that occur in childhood and old age. It’s the best drug in treating Scrofula in children. It is a very useful medicine in treating children who are not undergoing sufficient brain development and not gaining proper health. This medicine is also useful for during ophthalmia, it’s also used for curing tonsillitis, coryza, cold, swelling of stomach. This drug is also effective in treating alterations of the heart and brain along with age.

Baryta Carbonica is also used in toughness of testicles, smelly sweat from the legs, weakness, excessive cold and prostrate gland enlargement. This medicine is good for curing all these. This medicine can be given to patients who cannot stand, have issues with standing for a long time and feels like lying down. You can give this medicine to patients suffering from nose bleeding, issues with the nostril and nervousness. This drug gives instant relief from these symptoms.

Baryta Carb cures indigestion, tries to reduce the habit of masturbation, seminal discharge, cardiac irritability and pulsation of the heart. This medicine also acts on the glands and is very useful in curing illness of the old age mainly of the artery membrane. This drug is also effective in curing aneurysm.


Symptoms are aggravated by washing the face and hands and walking in open air brings relief.


You can compare this drug with Oxytropis, Radium, Digitalis, astragalus. Some of the complimentary drugs are Silicea, dulcamara and Soraienum.


You can take Baryta Carb from 3 – 30 potency based on doctor’s recommendation. 30 potency is very effective in curing swelling of tonsils and you can use the medicine repeatedly.

Sleep related symptoms

This medicine acts on patients suffering from sleep disorders, delirium, feeling excessive heat inside the body etc. This medicine is known to bring quick relief.

Symptoms of the back

Baryta Carb cures problems with the back and spine, swelling of the neck and fatty tumors. This drug is also apt for symptoms like weakness of the spine and pain in the shoulders.

Cures ailments in external body parts

Baryta Carb treats pain in the axillary glands, numbness of the limbs, numbness of testicles and knees, sweating of feet, burning sensation in lower part of the body and pain in hands and feet. This medicine helps to get rid of pain.

Breathing symptoms

The drug treats symptoms of dry cough, excessive cough in chest, suffocation and too much cough and cold due to changing weather. The patient might feel a pricking pain in chest, hoarseness and aggravation of pain after breathing. This drug is also effective in heart ailments like aneurysm, heart pain, and high blood pressure, hardness of nerves and restlessness of heartbeat.

Men and women diseases

For men Baryta Carb cures impotency, stiffness of testicles, enlargement of prostrate glands and no desire for sexual intercourse.

For women this drug cures pain in the waist prior to menstrual flow, amenorrhea and stomach pain while having periods.

Symptoms related to stool and urine

This medicine cures chronic constipation, gas trouble, piles, secretion from the anus and sense of ticking in the stomach.

The medicine treats urine related symptoms like burning sensation while urinating and diabetes mellitus.

Stomach related symptoms

The patient suffers from symptoms like a feeling of stone kept in the stomach, hiccups, belching, Baryta Carb offers instant relief. The patient feels a sense of appetite but does not feel like eating food. The patient also feels pain after taking hot food. This drug also cures stomach related problems in old people and enlargement of mesenteric gland.

Mind and head related problems

Baryta Carb treats weak memory, illusion, shyness and nervousness mainly during old age. It’s the best medicine to treat mental problems that are not too harsh. This medicine treats hair fall, giddiness, brain looseness and provides quick relief from intense headache.

Symptoms of the eyes, ears and nose

Eyes – This medicine gives quick relief when the eyeball becomes contracted or wider, the person might suffer from cataract, photophobia, glaucoma etc.

Ears – Baryta Carb heals deafness and swelling of the glands near the ears.

Nose – The drug cures cold, too much sneezing, dryness of nose, and swelling of nose, nose bleeding, nose bleeding and problems with nostril.

Face and mouth related problems

The drug cures patients suffering from upper-lip swelling, yellowness of face, swelling of face and gives a facial glow.

Baryta Carb is effective for curing mouth problems like gum bleeding, dryness and sourness of mouth, burning sensation, numbness of tongue, toothache, salivation in excess and other problems of the mouth.

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