Bellis Perennis Mother Tincture Medicinal Uses


This drug has an effect on the muscles of the blood vessels and it helps you to get rid of acute muscle pain. This medicine is very effective in laziness, blood blocked in veins and sprain. Bellis Perennis is mainly known to heal tissue related disorders mainly caused by surgery. This drug safeguards the nerves helping to get rid of the nerves and the harmful effects. There are patients who feel excessive cold after pouring water on the body, this medicine brings relief. It also heals the after-effects of arthritis.

Bellis Perennis can be taken if you have acne on the face, boils all over the body, swelling, blood circulation disorder and exudations. This medicine also cures symptoms of arthritis. This drug is useful for people who even work at old age and it’s also a blood purifier.

Bellis Perennis cures injuries in the pelvic region and diseases caused due to masturbation. Sometimes due to sprain and bruises, the skin becomes blue in a specific region of the body, this medicine cures. Bellis Perennis can be given to people who are very hot tempered.


Head and sleep related symptoms

Bellis Perenis cures giddiness of the head, headache, and problems related to excessive gas, contraction of head and the symptoms aggravate during bathing or sleeping. This medicine is very useful for treating sleep disorders like insomnia, excessive tiredness or even lack of sleep which means the patient wakes up early in the morning and does not want to sleep again.

Stomach and women disease related problems

This medicine effectively cures spleen diseases, mainly enlargement of spleen, pain in stomach and a pricking pain in the uterus. Bellis Perenis also treats frequent loose motions, yellowness of face and bad smell from the body.

This medicine effectively works on blood accumulation in the membranes of the uterus and breasts, looseness of stomach muscles, enlargement of veins in the uterus and weakness during pregnancy.

Skin related and external parts of the body symptoms

Bellis Perennis cures blueness and swelling of the skin, it also cures exudations, aneurysm, and blood accumulation in veins and associated pain. This medicine offers the best cure for the above symptoms.

Bellis Perennis is also effective in curing body pain, muscle pain, contraction of muscles mainly back and thighs, pain caused due to strain, strain of wrist and pain of the backbone.


You can compare Bellis Perennis with Arsenic, hamamelis, Vanadium, Bryonia, Arnica and Staphysagria.


The symptoms increase if the patient lies down more on the left side, taking bath in warm water and also by bathing in cold water.


Use 3 potency of Bellis Perennis and mother tincture to cure diseases.

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