Bellis perennis Q Uses, Benefits, Symptoms & Dosage

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(1) Hot & cold – Dr. Burnett first drew attention to the Bellis perennis. Its biggest symptom is: ‘Cooling in hot condition.’ Those who work hard, work in the fields, they get hot while working, in this condition they drink cold water, or take bath with cold water. In this way, whosoever complains of stomach pain, diarrhea etc, Bellis perennis is a medicine for him, no other medicine can fight it – says Dr. Burnett. If any disease occurs after the heat with cold water, then this medicine cures it. Dr. Burnett, referring to a 30-year-old woman, writes that when she was 12, it was summer, her body was exhausted from work, she jumped into a stream of cold water. Since then, the rash appeared on his body, which was not cured by any medicine. In the end Dr. Burnett gave her this Bellis per 3x thrice a day and she was completely cured. He has sung great songs of this medicine in the symptoms of getting hot and cold.

(2) Feeling of being crushed like Arnica – Like Arnica, there is a feeling of crushing of muscles. This crushing experience is not a symptom of the sub-muscles, but such an experience within the innermost muscles is its symptom.

(3) Varicose vein – In the last days of pregnancy, varicose vein becomes inflamed. There is intolerance in the buttocks and it becomes difficult to walk. Intolerance is removed by Bellis Perennis and movement becomes easier.

(4) Bellis perennis works well in low potency. Many people say that it works better than arnica in the pain caused by bruises, sprains and crushes. If there is injury or sprain at any place of the body, then giving 10-10 mixtures of Bellis perennis Q and Arnica Q in little water provides immediate benefit. By applying Bellis perennis Q on small pimple and mole, both the problem gets cured gradually.

(5) Potency – Q, 3x, 6, 30

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