Benzoic Acid Q Uses, Benefits, Symptoms, Dosage & Antidote

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Broad-symptom of Benzoic Acid

  1. Urine smelling like horse urine
  2. Gout
  3. Urinating the child while sleeping
  4. Interspersed sleep and sleeplessness
  5. Transfer of gout
  6. White colored stool

(1) The smell of horse urine – The patient’s urine is so stinky that while urinating it smells, but even after that it remains for a long time. In the presence of this type of pungent-ammonia-like odor in the urine, gout, fever with tonsils, inflammation, loose stools, headache and many other complaints are cured by benzoic acid. Nitric acid and sepia also smell like this.

(2) Gout; Transfer of gout – Arthritis, joint pain is found in benzoic acid medicine. When urine comes then the pain of gout subsides, when there is less urination then the pain increases. The patient keeps coming and going in these two states โ€“ more urine โ€“ less pain, and less urine โ€“ more pain. This pain can be anywhere in the joints, in the back. In fact, when uric acid is released due to excessive urination, the pain subsides, when the uric acid accumulates in the body then the pain increases.

(3) Urination of the child while sleeping – Many times with the help of benzoic acid, the bed of the child stops soaking in the night. The urine of the child is very smelly. The child himself is imbued with the smell of all urine.

(4) Coming of deep-sleep and somnolence one after the other – Coming in alternate sequence of deep-sleep and sleepiness is a special feature of benzoic acid. The patient sleeps in deep sleep for several days, after which he suffers from insomnia. Urine also has a special relationship with this mental state. To say in a nutshell, the center of diseases of this medicine is urinary system. Due to the reduction of uric acid in urine, this medicine has a special effect on gout.

(5) Transfer of Gout – Gout keeps changing in different parts of the body. Sometimes the stomach, sometimes other organs. When the pain of rheumatism in the hands and feet is cured, but instead this pain starts in the heart or in some other organ, then it is advisable to pay attention to benzoic acid.

(6) White colored stool – White colored stool is the typical symptom of Benzoic acid. Even if there is no gout disease, but the color of the stool is white, then this medicine will be beneficial in any disease.

Antidote of Benzoic Acid – Copaiva Officinalis

(7) Potency and Nature – 3, 6 (the medicine is for ‘Cold-Chilly-Nature’)

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