Best Homeopathic Medicine For Leucorrhoea


Leucorrhoea is also known as White Discharge in common terms. Veginal discharge is actually not a health problem if happens in early days if mensuration, during pregnancy or even when women consume contraceptive pills. It is not a severe health issue until it turns out as a light-white sticky material. When it becomes very sticky and start itching the vagina of the women, this is referred to as abnormal white discharge called as Leucorrhoea.

Causes Of Leucorrhoea Among Females

This is one of the commonly occurred problems among women which are led with many reasons. Below we have mentioned few of them:

Genetic Reasons: leucorrhoea is the genetically transferable health issue. If you have this problem, then might be due to this. It transmits from mother to daughter.

Hormonal Imbalances: This problems of estrogen and progestins among females is one of the reasons being leucorrhoea.

Infections: Leucorrhoea can be caused due to bacterial infections in the veginal area. This can also lead to itching effects which are promoter cause of leucorrhoea.

Delivery Injuries: If women had any sort of injury during delivery then can cause leucorrhoea. If women are prone to keeping genitalia or vagina clean or are consuming excessive contraceptive pills then can also suffer from leucorrhoea. In fact, swelling in the kidney can even cause this problem among women. Among many reasons, studies found that deficiency of calcium and vitamins is often a reason for leucorrhoea.

Symptoms Of Leucorrhoea

How to recognize that you are suffering from leucorrhoea? These symptoms are quite common and easily recognizable:

  1. Abnormal veginal discharge, either before or afterward the menstrual cycle.
  2. Itching and irritation in vegina, foul smell, and viscosity in discharge.
  3. Creamy and light yellow color of the veginal discharge.
  4. Anxiety, stress and mood swings on both physical and mental level.
  5. Fatigue, pain in legs and waist is also a symptom of leucorrhoea.

Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Leucorrhoea

Lilium tigr. Pentarkan (pkt 57): This medicine is packed with five different homeopathic drugs such as Lilium Tigrinum, Hydrastis Canadensis, Kreosotum, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Sepia and Excipients Q.S Alcohol which are highly effective in leucorrhoea.

Method: Take 10-15 drops of Lilium tigr. Pentarkan (pkt 57) in one-fourth cup of water three times a day to cure leucorrhoea effectively.

Medorrhinum 1000 CH: Those are prone to leucorrhoea problems frequently can consume this particular homeopathy drug. This is one of the effective medicine even in waist pain. Taking Medorrhinum 1000 CH with Lilium tigr. Pantarkan (pkt 57) will give good result to treat leucorrhoea problem.

Method: Take two droplets of Medorrhinum 1000 CH every morning for a month will effect better.

Both of the above mentioned homeopathic medications are best relievers from leucorrhoea and its symptoms entirely without any side-effects.

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