Borax Homeopathy For Mouth Ulcers [ Symptoms Of Borax Veneta ]


Borax veneta cures various types of diseases but this medicine acts better on the nervous systems. It is for the patients who get scared, feels a problem in hearing any voice or noise and has problems of cough. Borax veneta works well in curbing fear.

Symptoms of the mind

The patient has mental illness and always feels a sense of fear around, mainly fears to go downwards. There are times when the child suddenly awakes from sleep and crying, filled with fear and excessive nervousness. The child is scared of hearing different sounds. Borax veneta is useful in such symptoms specially puts an end to fear.

Symptoms of the mouth

White color, small size blister appear inside the mouth of children, they also suffer from excessive warmth of the mouth and loose motions which is green in color.

Cough-related symptoms

This medicine cures symptoms of cough, chronic cough and green color discharge along with cough.

Ear and eyes related symptoms

Borax veneta very effectively cures otorrhoea. This medicine should also be used in case of adhesive-like secretion from the eyes mainly early morning after getting up from sleep and it’s also effective to cure eyeballs affixed with one another.

Respiratory symptoms

Borax veneta cures respiratory diseases acting on the synovial membrane located in the respiratory pipe, trying to bring out the green color, stubborn cough. The patient also suffers from polarities in the right side of the chest. Borax veneta cures all such respiratory disorders.

Symptoms of urine and stool

This medicine works best when the patient’s stool has turned green; it works very well on this symptom. The child cries during urination due to feeling of a burning sensation and there are sand particles coming out from the urine of the child. Borax veneta is very effective in these symptoms; it heals all types of urinary problem making urine clear.

Women disease related symptoms

Borax veneta gives relief in leucorrhoea and in other women diseases.


Please consult the physician for dosage according to your requirements.

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