Boricum Acidum ( Boric Acid ) Homeopathy Uses And Benefits


Boricum Acidum is used to cure different types of diseases but basically prevents putrefaction and fermentation.

Symptoms Of Boric Acid

Skin related symptoms

Boricum Acidum works well on skin swelling, swelling near the eyes, exfoliating, red blisters in the hands and body and if water is accumulated in the tissues located near the eyes. Some other symptoms cured are excess salivation, redness and dryness of tongue and cracked tongue. It’s mainly used for skin and eye problems.

Urinary and Women diseases

Boricum Acidum acts on frequent urination mainly due to diabetes and pain in the ureter. It cures coldness of vagina, irritation during menstruation and other women disease.


Use 3 potency of Boricum Acidum to cure the symptoms.

Dose in particular:

  • If the patient suffers from respiratory ailments like swelling of pharynx, painful cough and swelling of respiratory pipe, if the patient suffers pneumonia, greasy spit and spits full of bacteria, it’s recommended to take 0.30 grams of Boricum Acidum 6 times a day.
  • If a patient suffers from swelling of urinary bladder, its better to take this medicine in form of injection or mix one spoon of powder medicine in one glass of milk.
  • For syte, take 1 gm Boricum Acidum in 28 ml of water.
  • Boricum Acidum if sprayed on the wounds causes healing.

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