Bovista 30 Benefits, Dosage And Side Effects


The symptoms in which Bovista is effective

Head and mind related symptoms

Bovista is very useful in headache, mainly if the patient feels enlargement of head mainly the rear area of the head. The headache is increased by lying down mainly in the morning and walking in open air. Solid cough is discharged from the nose of the patient and he feels a sense of pain in the brain. There are other symptoms like stammering and itching of the head accompanied by pain. Bovista is effective in giddiness accompanied by senselessness and numbness.

The patient also feels heaviness of head and objects fall down from his hand due to giddiness. Bovista is a bit digestible and sensitivity occurs in different parts of the body. This medicine increases the memory power and memory weakness.

Face related symptoms

This medicine cures coats in the corners of the mouth, and near the nostrils, gum bleeding, bloating of lips, cracked of lips, facial pimples and problems due to make-up and prickly heat. This medicine cures facial acnes that is mainly caused by applying cream. Bovista cures all these symptoms.

Fever symptoms

The patient suffers from high fever, excessive coldness and in cases like this, Bovista offers relief. The patient shivers, feels thirsty and the whole body become cold. Bovista is effective in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to eyes, ears and nose

The patient has problems with the vision, feeling that an object that is put far away is nearer. Bovista cures such symptoms. This medicine is effective in curing thick secretion from the nose, bleeding nose, itching ears and pus discharge from the ears.

Symptoms of urine and stool

Bovista cures burning sensation while urinating, itching anus, itching and painful ureter, pain in the middle position of the anus and genital organ. Bovista cures all such symptoms.

Stomach related symptoms

The patient suffers from stomach ache and red color urination; also feel as if ice ball has been kept in his stomach, feels acute pain in the back mainly due to wearing tight clothes. He also suffers from stomach pain near the naval which subsides after eating and chronic dysentery. Bovista brings relief from such stomach related symptoms and the patient gets rid of pain quickly.

Women disease symptoms

Bovista is useful for loose motions while or prior to menstruation, profuse menstruation before time, pain in the waist, blood spots even after completion of menstruation, tumors close to the ovary, blood leucorrhoea, air in leucorrhoea, rumbling in the vagina, green color thick discharge after menses and lot of sexual desire. This medicine is very effective for all these symptoms.

External symptoms

The patient suffers from weakness of the body, lot of tiredness of the hands and feet, sprains mainly in wrist joints, offensive smelling armpits, heaviness of limbs, too much itching on the top of anus, hands becoming wet(sweaty hands), itching of feet and joints filled with water. Bovista is effective in curing such symptoms.

Skin and body related symptoms

Bovista cures different types of skin diseases like marks in the skin, cold bites, loose motions, rheumatism, bile disorders, laziness, problems with heart pulsations, dry or wet eczema, ringworms, Pellagra, cold bile disorder, lot of itching in lower part of backbone and other skin issues.


Bovista is the inimical of coal (tar). You can compare Bovista to Rhus-tox, Sepia, Cicuta and Calcarea.


The symptoms are increases by sneezing, post taking meals in the morning and at night. This medicine is very effective during menstrual secretion. The symptoms start subsiding while eating and by keeping the legs folded near the stomach.


3-6 potency of Bovista cures diseases.

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