Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture Uses And Benefits


Calendula Officinalis is a very useful and an effective medicine in treating cuts and wounds of all types. This medicine prevents excessive bleeding, mainly applied after uprooting of teeth.

Symptoms of the mind

Some of the symptoms are acute headache, pain in left side of neck, feeling something heavy in the brain, wounds in the head and skull. Calendula Officinalis heals all these symptoms

Symptoms of eyes and nose

There is pus like excretion from the tear pipes of the eyes, mainly after any kind of operation of eyes. The patient feels pain in eyes and gets hurt in the eyes. The patient feels a sense of burning in one of the nostrils and there is excretion of green color pus continuously. In symptoms like these, taking Calendula Officinalis everyday heals.

Symptoms of fever

The patient suffers from sensation of cold when goes out in cold air, feels hot upon touching the skin, feeling hot in the evening, shivering and other symptoms of cold. Calendula Officinalis works very well in such symptoms.

Symptoms of the skin

The patient has pale skin along with wrinkles, the skin gets twisted, layers of wound, burning sensation of the skin. This medicine if used on a regular basis helps to get rid of skin disorders.

Symptoms of stomach

Sometimes the child feels hungry right after drinking mother’s milk, adults have vomiting, restlessness in the stomach and chest and other stomach related symptoms.

Symptoms of breathing

The patient suffers from cold and hoarseness in throat. Calendula Officinalis is very useful in symptoms of the throat.

Symptoms of the female

Calendula Officinalis is effective in enlargement of the uterus, warts on vagina, cough due to suppression of menses and sternum joint enlargement.


The symptoms are increased due to heavy weather, humidity and rains.


Rium and Chelido are two medicines


Calendula Officinalis can be compared to Orni, Graphites, Hemame, Symphytum, Magnesia carbonica, Pher pickri and Kali Iodatum.


Use 3 potency of Calendula Officinalis gives relief to patients.

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