Calotropis Gigantea Mother Tincture Uses And Benefits : Calotropis Indica Materia Medica


Calotropis Gigantea is very useful in cough, asthma, dropsy, old gout, catarrh, tuberculosis, loose motions, skin diseases and leprosy.

Symptoms Of Calotropis Gigantea

Symptoms of the head and mind

The person suffers from depression, tension, restlessness and exhaustion. The person might suffer from disease of the head, hot head, sense of vomiting and vertigo. In symptoms like this, Calotropis Gigantea gives relief.

Symptoms of the mouth

The patient suffers from bad breath, pain in the mouth and jaws and other diseases of the mouth. This medicine offers relief.

Symptoms of stomach and urine

The patient suffers from belching and stomach disorders. When it comes to urinary symptoms, he constantly feels the desire to urinate, bad smell in urine and red urine. In such symptoms, the patient should take the medicine Calotropis Gigantea.

Symptoms of breathing and pulse

The patient feels a burning sensation in the chest and feels difficulty in breathing. This medicine cures such breathing issues. Calotropis Gigantea is also useful if the patient feels faster pulse rate than normal.

Symptoms of fever

The patient feels sudden fits of cold in fever; the head turns hot while the body becomes cold. The patient cannot sleep due to feeling of excessive cold. This medicine is very effective offering relief in such symptoms.

Lower body part symptoms

The patient feels pain in the right thigh, just below sternum joint and there is swelling also. There is pain in the right feet mainly while walking, the patient feels like lying down but the pain increases by lying as well and there is continuous eye pain.

Doses of calotropis gigantea

2x, 3x and 6 potencies of Calotropis Gigantea.


You can compare Calotropis Gigantea with medicines like Potishi, Mercurius, Acquie, ipecac, Sarsaparilla, Aeyo and berberis vulgaris.

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