Chelidonium Majus homeopathy Benefits, Uses, Symptoms, Dosage And Side Effect

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Characteristic Symptoms of Chelidonium

(1) Continuous pain in the lower part of the right scapula – just like ceanothus is a spleen medicine, Chelidonium is a medicine for liver disease. Its effect is not very deep, but it has a special effect on the liver, and its main symptom is: Continuous pain under the bone plate towards the right shoulder behind the back. This pain is caused by liver disease. Pain may be mild, severe. This symptom can be accompanied by any complaint of jaundice, cough, diarrhea, pneumonia, menstruation, tiredness, etc. but if the above symptoms are present with any complaint, then this medicine will gives benefit. It may be that the patient’s taste is bitter, the tongue is pale, the whitening of the eye may cause yellowing, the face, hands, skin may turn yellow, the stool is white or yellow, urine is yellow, there is no appetite, nausea and vomiting of bile. In such condition, even if there is no pain in the lower part of the right shoulder bone, due to liver disease, Chalidonium will gives benefit because this medicine is very effective for liver disease. If the disease is chronic, Lyco remains beneficial.

Sometimes, instead of pain in the lower part of the right bone panel, the same pain occurs in the lower part of the left bone panel. In such pain, oxalic acid medicine also gives benefit. Dr. Nash’s experience that chenopodium benefits in place of chelidonium. There is also a drug Chenopodium Anthelminticum, but in both of these Chenopodium the Chenopodium Glauci only cures the lower back pain of the left shoulder. Dr. Nash has written from his experience that he had cured this type of chronic pain of the left shoulder several years from Chenopodium Glauci. Sanguinaria is also beneficial in this left side pain. Chelidonium only benefits in pain on the right side, this drug mainly affects the right side of the body.

(2) Chelidonium and Lycopodium – both medicine mainly affects the right side of the body. Their similarity is found in many symptoms. The effect of chelidonium is not as deep. If liver disease is not cured with this medicine, then lyco is needed. Lyco is an in-depth medicine. Lyco completes the work that Chalidonium leaves incomplete by eliminating liver disease. Like Lyco, the patient of this drug wants to drink or eat hot things.

(3) Pain of gallstones – When gallstones get stuck in small system from gall bladder, patient suffers immense pain. The chelidonium unlocks this system and the gallstones go out without pain.

(4) Pneumonia on the right side – This medicine affects the right side. In right eye, right lung, right leg, right thigh, pneumonia, it also has effect on right lung. Pneumonia is mentioned in the books of children’s diseases, where it is also written that chelidonium has a special place in the medicines of pneumonia. Dr. kent says that in pneumonia, it starts from the right lung, pain starts on the right side, then pain starts on some left side, then some moves towards the left side. Lyco also has a symptom of going from right to left. This pneumonia has something to do with liver pathology. In pneumonia, there may be pain in the lower right pane.

(5) For diseases of the eye – In Greek language, ‘Chelidon’ means – ‘bird’. They used to say that if the eye of a bird is lost, its parents can make a new eye with chelidonium. That’s when the word ‘chelidonium’ is derived from ‘chelidon’. Every eye disease is cured by chelidon ointment.

(6) Nature of Chalidonium patient – The patient can not drink cold water. Stomach stays food or drink only when it is boiling. Anacardium, petroleum, graphics patient’s can not stay empty stomach.

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