Chininum Arsenicosum 3x Uses, Benefits And Dosage


This drug Chininum Arsenicosum is known to enhance body power. This medicine is very useful in case a patient becomes weak due to being affected by malaria, asthma and symptoms of cough.

Symptoms of the head

The patient feels as if there is excessive weight on the head, light pain in back side of the head, vertigo, headache upon looking towards the sun and other symptoms of the heart. This medicine offers relief.

Symptoms of eyes and mouth

Patient suffers from pain in the eyes mainly after coming out in light, convolution of eyeballs, seeing things dark in front of the eyes and other eye related diseases. Chininum Arsenicosum cures all such symptoms.

Sometimes the symptoms are greasy and pale tongue, bitterness of tongue and other symptoms related to the mouth. Chininum Arsenicosum is effective in such symptoms.

Symptoms of the heart

The symptoms are suffocation, low blood circulation, panting while walking and the person feels restless. Chininum Arsenicosum offers relief from such symptoms.

Symptoms of the stomach

The patient feels a gassy feeling in the stomach, and sometimes he feels that the stomach is soft, there is anorexia and excessive thirst. This medicine offers relief from such symptoms.

Symptoms of the fever

The symptoms are sensation of excessive cold, pain in the hands and feet, sensation of weakness, not willing to do any work and other fever related symptoms. Chininum Arsenicosum is very effective in such symptoms.


You can compare Chininum Arsenicosum to Ferrum Sytricum.


Give 30 potencies of this medicine to patients.

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