Cimex (Acanthia Lectularius) Homeopathic Medicine


The patient suffers from fever within the body and he becomes very exhausted and he does not feel like doing any work due to drowsiness. Cimex acanthia gives relief from such kind of symptoms.

Symptoms of the head

The patient suffers from severe headache, gets pain in the right side of the forehead and gets very angry. This medicine Cimex acanthia offers a lot of relief.

Female disorders

Most of the symptoms are originated from the vagina mainly in the left ovaries, feels a pricking type of pain. This medicine offers healing from these symptoms.

Fever related symptoms

The patient has fever, shivers due to excessive cold, has pain in all the joints of the body, sweats with foul smell, there is lack and loss of thirst. In symptoms like this, Cimex acanthia is very effective.

Stomach related symptoms

Cimex acanthia heals stomach related disorders like constipation, stool that has dried and gathered in the intestines, other intestinal diseases and wounds in the rectum.


6 to 200 potency of Cimex acanthia can be taken to get cured from these symptoms.

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