Crocus Sativus Mother Tincture Uses And Benefits


This medicine Crocus Sativus plays an important role in checking the secretion of blood because the color of blood turns black and there are multiple fibrous present in the blood.

Symptoms of the mind

This medicine is effective in case of laughing on own, talking to self, suddenly being happy and then all of a sudden showing fits of anger and other symptoms of mental illness.

Symptoms of the eyes and nose

There are symptoms of strange things appearing before the eyes, heavy eyelids, water coming out from the eyes, pain in the eye nerves and other eyes related symptoms.

The symptoms of the nose are thick bleeding from nose, fibrous rope coming out from nose and epistaxis. Crocus Sativus offers relief from these symptoms.

Female body related symptoms

This medicine is useful when the woman suffers from fear of abortion during pregnancy mainly when there is dark color blood seen with fibrous, too much blood flowing through the genitals, bad smell and dark color blood during menses, the upper membrane of the uterus secretes dark color blood, sensation of something crawling in the side of the nipples and other female diseases.

Symptoms of the stomach

The patient suffers from swelling in stomach, constipation; blood clotted in veins so there is hindrance of blood supply in the veins, pain in the anus, sensation of any creature moving in the stomach. This medicine cures such symptoms.

Symptoms of the back and external part of the body

The medicine treats symptoms of excessive cold mainly in the waist if anyone pours cold water. The hands and feet also start turning cold all of a sudden. There is numbness felt in the body, crackling joints and knees, weakness in legs and cracked soles. Crocus Sativus offers relief.


The disease is aggravated in hot and humid weather, mainly in the morning and due to fasting. The symptoms are cured in open air.


You compare Crocus Sativus can be compared to Trillium, China, Sabina, Belladonna, Aconite, Platinum, Ipecac, Cal-C, Hemma, Sepia, Thuja and Phosphorous.


Mother Tincture of 30th potency offers relief.

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