Cyclamen 200 Benefits And Uses – Cyclamen Europaeum Materia Medica


The medicine Cyclamen Europaeum is very effective in treating catarrh.

Symptoms of the nose

Cyclamen Europaeum offers cure from symptoms like not being able to differentiate between good and bad smell, thick discharge from nose, lot of sneezing back to back, headache with vertigo and other symptoms.

Symptoms of the mind

The medicine cause excessive irritation, lot of grief, crying over small things, trying to commit wrong, not talking properly and sitting alone. Cyclamen Europaeum cures such symptoms.

Symptoms of the eyes

The patient suffers from weak eyesight and basically seeing sparkling stars before the eyes. This medicine cures such symptoms.

Symptoms of stomach

Cyclamen Europaeum cures bitterness of the mouth, vomiting, loss of appetite, hiccups during pregnancy and she wishes to have lemon water.

Female body symptoms

The woman suffers from early and profuse bleeding due to menses, discharge of blackish blood while menses, milk production in breasts before pregnancy, lot of pain and excretion post delivery and other complications. Cyclamen Europaeum cures such symptoms.


The symptoms are aggravated in the evening by going out in open air, by resting, by taking bath, by drinking or coming in contact with cold water, before menstruation, by standing or sitting down. The symptoms are relieved by walking and during the menses.


You can compare Cyclamen Europaeum with China, Ambra, Ferum, Kali-phos, Nux vom, Sepia, Rhus Tox, Pulsatilla, Sulfur and Silicea.

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