Dr Reckeweg Alfalfa Tonic Benefits


Whenever we get sick due to any of the health condition, it leads to the weakening of our body, and to overcome with that weakness, we need a tonic to reduce it. Likewise, if we ever had problems related to Anemia, then our body lacks in blood and even also leads to anorexia among people. Alfalfa works beneficially for those who are prone to hunger to have more appetizing feels to guzzle food for the proper body functioning.

However, this healthy tonic also boosts the health of pregnant females and helps in the development of the womb’s growth and development. To deal up with all such health problems and severe conditions, this German tonic in homeopathy is better curing medication.

Composition of Alfalfa Tonic

Alfalfa tonic is a potent herbal source inherited with many homeopathic medicines such as:

Acidum Phos: If you feel weakness, nausea, and fatigue or even get tired quickly then Acidum Phos is highly beneficial for you.

Avena Sativa: If you feel mental stress and tiredness then Avena Sativa is healthy for you to boost the metal and body health together.

Calcium Phosphoricum: Deficiency of calcium in the body also leads to tiredness. This specific component helps in strengthing bones effectively.

China: The severe disease like Malaria makes body weak in a crucial way and this particular herb benefits a lot to treat weakness.

Hydrastis: This homeopathic medicine is also supportive in problems effectively related to constipation and digestion. Other health issues that lead to weakness in the body are also treated well with this medication.

Magnesium Phos: If your body gets strident, and pains, then this medicine is very beneficial.

Alfalfa: The is considered as one of the predominant medicine helps in reducing weakness, and other diseases. This is the lead German tonic composition loaded with vitamins, minerals and other healthy properties. If one is looking for the potent resource to gain weight, then Alfalfa is the best medicine despite treating weakness, etc.

Nux Vomica: It also benefits digestion, and stomach problems like constipation, gas, heaviness, and indigestions, etc.

Alfalfa tonic is stacked and packed with all mentioned healthy ingredients, that works in favor of body and its functions. It not only boosts energy but also cures symptoms of other health issues like weakness, fatigue, nausea and more.

Dosage and Method For Alfalfa Tonic

For Adults : Take 8 ml thrice time a day before eating.

For Children : 3-4 ml of this medication is enough for children three times a day before gulping any food. In children, it boosts the immune system, energy and helps in growth as well.

For Pregnant Women : This is also beneficial for pregnant females with no sign of side-effects.

Ask A Doctor

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