Dr Reckeweg R89 Benefits, Uses, Price, Dosage And Side Effect

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Best Solution For Hair Fall Is Reckeweg R89

The problem of hair loss has become very common in today’s run-of-the-mill life, especially androgenic alopecia has become a huge problem. What is androgenic alopecia? Androgenic means pattern and alopecia is called hair fall. If your hair is falling in a particular pattern, then understand that you are a victim of Androgenic alopecia. Hair falls from a particular place in the pattern, such as hair fall from both corners in front of the head, which causes the shape of the hair to appear on the W, or on the back of the head, the hair falling upwards is a pattern. (Hair Loss). If the hair of the woman becomes thin then it is also a type of androgenic alopecia.

Causes of androgenic alopecia:

  1. The main reason for all is hereditary – if your father has a matching pattern hair loss or your mother has female pattern hair loss then the percentage of getting this disease increases significantly.
  2. The growth and decrease of hormones also causes hair fall.
  3. The third main reason is metabolic syndrome. It mainly occurs in diabetic patients. Even if you are a diabetic patient, you may have a problem with androgenic alopecia. Even if you do not have a hereditary or hormonal problem, if you are a diabetic patient, you may be vulnerable to androgenic alopecia.

Now we will talk about sign and symptoms, what are the symptoms we will see in androgenic alopecia ?

First of all, our hair will start falling from both the sides from the front and gradually it will grow backwards so that the shape of W will start to grow or hair will start falling from the top behind the head and it will continue to grow O . In the beginning the hair will fall too much and gradually the hair fall will be reduced but the hair fall will not stop completely. Hair does not grow again in this disease, due to which we become a victim of baldness. The thing to note here is that the hair does not grow again, hair does not regenerate in androgenic alopecia.

Now we will talk about homeopathic medicine which is very effective in Androgenic alopecia. Reckeweg R89 is the most effective medicine in androgenic alopecia and baldness. It is a R group German medicine. Before telling the basics of Reckeweg R89, let me tell you how to use it. Buy Reckeweg R89 from any homeopathic shop. Open the cup or lid of Reckeweg R89 after one hour of eating. Fill that cup or lid half with water and put 20-30 drops of Reckeweg R89 medicine in it. You should drink that mixture of water and medicine. Take it in the morning, afternoon and evening. Massage it in your hair with a mixture of medicine before going to sleep at night. The price of Reckeweg R89 is around 285 rupees, which can be easily obtained in any homeopathy store. Constant consumption will stop your hair fall and those who have fallen out will start growing again.

Basic ingredients of Reckeweg R89 : Alfalfa D3 1 ml, Hypophysis D30 2 ml, Juglans D12 1 ml, Kalium Phosphoricum D4, D6, D12 0.5 ml, Lactuca sativa D2 0.5 ml, Lecithinum D3 1 ml, Oenothera biennis D3 0.5 ml, Polysorbatum D3 0.5 ml, Testes D30 2 ml

In these hair related problems you can use Dr Reckeweg R89

  • Hair Fall
  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Premature grey hair
  • Thin Hair
  • Weak hair roots

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