Dr. Reckeweg R89 [ German Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Fall ]

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The complete information about the benefits, uses, dosage of Reckeweg R89 is being told in this page. This medicine works well in regrowth hair, baldness and hair fall.

Main Characteristics symptoms of Reckeweg R89

Hair fall, premature graying of hair, baldness are commonly seen these days. The main reason for this is stressful life, lack of proper diet, genetics i.e. lack of hair of parents and hormonal changes. Reckeweg R89 is a great combination that is sure to solve your hair problems. Many types of homeopathic medicines are mixed in it, which have a very good effect on the hair.

Main Characteristics symptoms and Uses of Reckeweg R89

This medicine is used in the treatment of symptoms like premature hair loss, premature graying of hair, baldness, hair loss due to weakness, thinning hair, excessive hair loss due to combing and headache.

Let us understand about the medicines mixed in Reckeweg R89 :-

Alfalfa : – It contains vitamins B1 and B6, which strengthens the digestive power and improves hair health.

Lactuca sativa :- It increases blood circulation in the brain.

Lecithinum :- It removes the lack of blood in the body and physical weakness.

Oenothera biennis :- This medicine removes weakness of nerves.

Hypophysis :– This medicine helps in hair growth.

Juglans :- It is a blood purifier.

Kalium phosphoricum :- This medicine helps in hair growth.

Polysorbatum :- It is the best medicine for premature baldness.

Testes :- Improves testosterone level. Acts on the hormone gland.

Dosage of Reckeweg R89 :- Half an hour after having food, put 20 drops of Reckeweg R89 in half a cup of water and drink it thrice a day. This medicine is also to be massaged once a day on the bald area for 5 minutes.

Reckeweg R89
Reckeweg R89

About Reckeweg R89 asked questions and answers ( FAQ )

Question: – If I consume alcohol after taking Reckeweg R89, will there be any change in the action of Reckeweg R89 or can there be aggravation?

Answer: – We know that every homeopathic medicine is made from alcohol, so if we consume alcohol after Reckeweg R89, then its action will definitely get hampered. If you consume alcohol, then definitely tell your doctor about it.

Question: – Can I take Reckeweg R89 medicine in hair fall?

Answer: – Yes, Reckeweg R89 medicine is used in hair fall. If you are troubled by the problem of hair fall, then take Reckeweg R89 on the advice of your doctor. The dosage of Reckeweg R89 may vary depending on the disease. That’s why it is important to ask the doctor before taking Reckeweg R89 in hair fall.

Question: – Are there any side effects of Reckeweg R89?

Answer: – Reckeweg R89 is well used in hair fall and there is no side effect of taking Reckeweg R89 in excess. Yes, the use of Reckeweg R89 can cause aggravation. Therefore, before taking Reckeweg R89 in hair fall, consult your doctor. Doctors can change the potency of Reckeweg R89. Remember Reckeweg R89 may cause aggravation but no side effect.

Question: – Reckeweg R89 should be taken before or after eating food in hair fall?

Answer: – If you are taking Reckeweg R89 in hair fall, then take it half an hour before the meal or even half an hour after the meal, Reckeweg R89 can be taken.

Question: – Can pregnant women take Reckeweg R89?

Answer: – Reckeweg R89 medicine can be taken by pregnant women, all homeopathic medicines are safe for pregnant women. Nevertheless, before taking Reckeweg R89 in hair fall, please consult your doctor.

Question: – Can a breastfeeding woman use Reckeweg R89 for hair fall?

Answer: – Reckeweg R89 is safe for both mother and baby in hair fall. However, before taking Reckeweg R89, consult a doctor.

Question: – If I take Reckeweg R89 in hair fall, will it affect my liver, kidney and heart?

Answer :- Nope! There is no side effect of Reckeweg R89. Reckeweg R89 does not have any harmful effects on liver, kidney and heart. Still, ask your doctor before taking Reckeweg R89.

Question: – What is the abstinence to take while taking Reckeweg R89 medicine?

Answer: – If you are taking Reckeweg R89 or any homeopathic medicine then do not take raw onion, raw garlic, asafoetida, sour things and coffee.

Question: – Is it forbidden to consume alcohol with Reckeweg R89 medicine?

Answer: – If you are taking Reckeweg R89 for hair fall and will consume alcohol together then keep a gap of at least 2 hours between Reckeweg R89 medicine and drinking alcohol. It would be best to stop the consumption of alcohol.

Question :- Can i use Reckeweg R89 for scalp massage with any oil or is it applied directly on the head?

Answer: – You can massage this medicine directly on the head. Massage by putting 10 drops of this medicine in a little water.

Question :- I am taking R84 for allergy. Can I use R89 along with R84 for hair loss?

r84 reckeweg
r84 reckeweg

Answer: – You can take Reckeweg R89 along with R84. Be sure to give a gap of 10 minutes between taking two medicines.

Question:- I am taking Rhus tox 200 for knee pain. Can I take R89 with this?

Answer: – You can take Reckeweg R89 along with Rhus tox 200. Be sure to give a gap of 10 minutes between taking two medicines.

Question: – What is the dosage of R89, and for how long should I take this medicine?

Answer: – Half an hour before food, put 10 drops of R89 in half a cup of water and drink it thrice a day. Be sure to consume it regularly for 3 months.

Question:- Can I use both Wiesbaden 30 and R89 to control my hair fall?

Ans :- Yes, you can use both Wiesbaden 30 and R89 at the same time. Wiesbaden 30 is a great help in bringing back the hair that has fallen out. Give a gap of 10 minutes between taking both the medicines.

Question :- Is there any age limit for taking R89?

Answer :- There is no age limit for taking R89.

Question: – Can we apply R89 on the scalp.

Ans :- Yes, you can use R89 on scalp. You can mix it with any oil and apply it on the hair.

Question: – Will this female pattern help in hair loss?

Ans :- Yes, both men and women can use this medicine. You must take it for 3 months.

What has been told in this article about Reckeweg R89 is for all age groups. Be sure to consult a skilled doctor before taking the medicine.

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