Homeopathic Medicine For Chronic Constipation

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For the doctor, the disease is not impossible but it is necessary, if the treatment is done with hard work, dedication, faith, then only miracles will happen.

Constipation is the root of diseases, only after constipation the disorders of other diseases appear. In naturopathy, completely destroying constipation, other diseases are destroyed by themselves. Due to constipation, the stool does not come out easily and the accumulated stool rots in the intestines. Due to this disease, fever, headache, loss of appetite, gas formation and piles also occur when the disease becomes chronic.

We all know about the problems that arise after constipation, so without taking much time, we will talk about homeopathic medicine to cure it. So let’s understand :-

In simple constipation in which there are no special symptoms, there is no sign of defecation. 2 drops of Nux vomica 30 is to be taken on the tongue at night and at night.

Now pay special attention to the symptoms:-

Hydrastis Q or Hydrastis 200 also gives good benefit in constipation when the stomach feels like a sinking due to constipation. If Hydrastis Q is taken, then put 20 drops of it in half a cup of water and drink it thrice a day, taking 2 drops of Hydrastis 200 once a week also gives great benefit in such symptoms.

When the stool is very hard, like goat’s stool, if the stool is stored inside, such constipation occurs in the restless woman, during pregnancy, in infants, in the elderly, then it is beneficial for such symptoms – Alumina 30, 2 drops of it To be taken on the tongue 3 times a day.

If the stool is dry, hard, hot as if cooked in a furnace, lack of secretion in the intestines and strong thirst, then it will work – Bryonia 30 is to be taken on the tongue thrice a day.

If constipation persists, there is no desire to have a bowel movement even though the stool is filled in the rectum, flatulence, rumbling sound, if the stool is hard and then with a thin velocity, then take Lycopodium 200, 2 drops on the tongue daily.

In children who have teeth, whose rectum is weak, the motionless stool moves outwards, but then goes back, then it will be beneficial – Silicea 30

If there is severe constipation in children, in which the toilet has to be removed by hand, then give it – Sepia 30, if you have a child, you can give the drop even once a day, you will get the benefit.

Cramps i.e. twisting the stomach, but there is no toilet, on exertion, it is beneficial to have a little toilet after standing up and passing stool, Causticum 30, in such a situation, take 2 drops daily in the morning and on the tongue.

There is no toilet for several days, a rash on the face, a disease of fat people with a delicate and depressed mood, in which the stool is hard, knotted and comes out of pain, after passing the stool, the stool is on top of the stool, there is burning in the anus. So give it like this – Graphites 30, 2 drops have to be taken on the tongue daily.

There is no toilet facility, stool comes out with difficulty in the form of tablets, it will be beneficial in hardening of stool, smell like lady – Opium 30, take 2 drops twice a day.

If the stool is very dry, like a large lady, which does not come out easily, if it comes out by applying excessive force and due to which blood starts coming out of the anus, then take Natrum Mur 30, 2 drops twice a day.

The urge to have a bowel movement is frequent, but each time the stool comes out little by little, constipation of sedentary lifestyle and people who drink alcohol, people who are fond of waking up late in the night, such symptoms come in which – Nux Vomica 30 Benefits. Take it at night, this medicine gives more benefit at night.

Here I have discussed the main symptoms of constipation and its homeopathic medicine.

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