Homeopathic Medicine for Fingers Problem


Homeopathic Medicine for Fingers Problem

Actaea spic. 3x (Thrice a day): Rheumatism of the finger joints. The joints swell after a little exertion.

Agaricus mus. (Thrice a day): Fingers becomes weak and cannot hold things properly; things fall unconsciously.

Antimonium crud. (Thrice a day): Arthritic pain in fingers.

Apis mel. (Thrice a day): Numbness of hands and tips of fingers.

Argentum met. (Thrice a day): Paralysis of fingers due to paralysis of the forearm.

Berberis vulg. (Thrice a day): Neuralgia under finger nails with swelling of the finger joints.

Borax 3x (Thrice a day): Itching on the back of the finger joints. Feeling of stinging in the fingers.

Caulophyllum 3x (Thrice a day): Changing pain in fingers and toes. Stiffness of the joints and fingers. Cutting pains on closing hands.

Cina (Thrice a day): Boring of fingers in the nostrils.

Elaps cor. (Thrice a day): Skin peels off on the tips of fingers.

Graphites (Twice a day): Cracks and fissures on the ends of the fingers and between toes.

Hypericum 3x (Thrice a day): Injuries to fingers or crushing of fingers.

Laurocerasus (Thrice a day): Swelling of fingers which usually occurs in heart and lung diseases and is medically called “club fingers”.

Ledum pal. 10M (One dose only): This remedy relieves the pain from getting a foreign body under the fingers nails almost instantly.

Natrium mur. (Thrice a day): Fingers cannot hold things. Dryness and cracking about the finger nails. Numbness and tingling in the fingers. Skin peels off partly at the root of the finger nail. Skin around nails dry and cracked.

Petroleum (Thrice a day): Cracks at the tips of the fingers and on the back of hands.

Propylaminum Q: Tingling and numbness of fingers. Rheumatism, a needle held by the fingers feels too heavy. 10-15 drops in half a glass of water – a teaspoonful dose every two hours.

Rhus tox. (Thrice a day): Loss of power in forearms and fingers. Crawling sensation in the tips of fingers and numbness.

Sarsaparilla (Thrice a day): Burning on the sides of fingers and toes. Ulceration around end of the fingers. Deep cracks in the fingers and toes.

Silicea (Thrice a day): Tips of fingers are dry. The patient has to moisten them often by licking. Cracks at the ends.

Thuja occ. (Thrice a day): Tip of fingers toughened, feel dead. Writer’s cramps in fingers.

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