Homeopathic Medicine for Gout – Rheumatism


Homeopathic Medicine for Gout – Rheumatism

Acidum fluor. (Thrice a day): It works in any constitution when heat aggravates the pain and the patient has the ability to withstand any amount of cold.

Actaea spic. 3x (Thrice a day): Rheumatism of small joints of the fingers and wrists.

Ammonium phos. (Thrice a day): Chronic gout with nodosities in finger joints and back of hands. Rheumatic pain in the shoulder joints.

Antimonium crud. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pain in fingers. Thick white coated tongue is a sure indiation for its use. Finger joints may be swollen.

Arnica mont. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic or other pains due to injury such as a fall or a severe wrench. The pain is burning and the part is sore to touch. The patient desires to be alone and is better by gentle movement for a short moment and is worse by prolonged movement, heat, rest and light pressure.

Arsenicum alb. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pain in the forearm worse during the night. Pains are burning and are relieved by warmth.

Aurum mur. (Thrice a day): Old cases of Rheumatism and gout pains. Tearing, drawing, pressing and stitching pains, better by heat and worse by cold.

Azadirachta (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pains in sternum, ribs, shoulders and extremities.

Benzoicum acidum (Thrice a day): Rheumatic and gouty pains in patients suffering from urinary troubles. Urine contains several deposits, is of high color and smells like the urine of a horse. Pain often changes position. In such conditions, it relieves the pain.

Berberis vulg. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pain in shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs and feet. Neuralgia under finger nails with swelling of finger joints. Pain in heels as if standing on a nail. Pain in the balls of heels on standing.

Bryonia alba 200 (Twice a day): The pains are gouty, aggravated on motion and are better by rest, pressure and warmth. The joints are red, hot and swollen.

Calcarea carb. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pains are sharp and stitching as if wrenched, after exposure to wet. Rheumatism on account of defective bony growths. Weakness of the extremities and swelling of joints specially knee pains on account of working in water.

Calcarea carb. (Thrice a day), Ledum pal. (Thrice a day), Lycopodium (Thrice a day): Deposit of chalk stones in the finger joints, wrists and toes.

Calcarea phos. (Thrice a day): Rheumatism worse during winter and better in summer. Stiffness and pain with a cold and numb feeling. Buttocks, back and limbs go to sleep.

Camphora 200 (Twice a day): Rheumatic affections in cold climate.

Carbonium sulph. (Thrice a day): Chronic Rheumatism and gout. Flying pains return regularly for a long time. Lightening like pains with cramps.

Cascara sag. (Thrice a day): It’s use proves useful in Rheumatism of muscles and joints when there is obstinate constipation also.

Caulophyllum (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pains in small joints like fingers, toes, ankles, etc. Aching in wrists. Cutting pains on closing hands. Erratic pains, changing place every few minutes.

Causticum (Thrice a day): Manifests its action mainly in chronic Rheumatism and arthritis. Deformities of joints. Restless at night due to pains. Cracking and tension in knees. Stiffness in the hollow of the knee. Worse dry cold winds, in clear fine weather and cold air. Better in damp and wet weather, and warmth specially heat of the bed.

Chamomilla (Thrice a day): Pains are violent and accompanied with numbness. Patient is very sensitive to pains, often cries on this account and says that he would prefer death than pain. Very effective for pains with numbness. Ankles give way in the afternoon.

Chelidonium (Thrice a day): Rheumatism of the feet and ankles usually accompanied by liver troubles.

China off. (Thrice a day): Chronic gout. Pain in limbs and joints as if sprained, worse by slight touch. Joints swollen, pain in knees, worse by standing, better sitting.

Chininum sulph. 2x (Thrice a day): Acute articular Rheumatism. Polyarticular gout. There is marked periodity in pains and swellings.

Cimicifuga (Thrice a day): Pain worse at night, in wet weather. Rheumatism of large muscles.

Colchicum autum. (Thrice a day): It has a specific power of relieving the gouty attacks. The parts are red, hot and swollen. Tearing pain worse in the evening, at night and from touch. Sharp pains down left arm. Gout of heel. Shifting Rheumatism. Edematous swelling of legs and feet.

Colocynthis (Thrice a day): Contraction of muscles. Cramp like pains in the hip. Pain from hip to knee. Pain in the left knee joint. The patient lies on the painful side as pressure and warmth relieve the pain.

Drosera (Thrice a day): Pain in ankles and feet with stiffness.

Dulcamara (Thrice a day): Symptoms similar to Rhus tox. Acts better when days are hot and nights are cold. Rheumatic symptoms after skin affections. Patients living or working in old and wet basements.

Eupatorium perf. (Thrice a day): Distressing pain in the bones of great toe, wrist, etc. accompanied with restlessness. Gouty soreness and inflammed nodosities of joints and headache. Aching in the back, arms and legs.

Formica rufa (Thrice a day): Rheumatism comes on with suddenness and restlessness. Sweat does not relieve. Relief after midnight and from rubbing.

Fragaria vesca 200 (Twice a day): Prevents the attacks of gout.

Gaultheria oil (Twice a day): Give 20 drop doses, relieves much of the discomfort due to pain of gout, arthritis and Rheumatism.

Gettisberg aqua 6x (Thrice a day): Subacute and chronic Rheumatism and subacute gouty state. Sensation of rigidity in muscles and tendons of joints of hips, shoulders, wrists, lower back and neck. Pain and rigidity worse moving and relieved by rest and when quiet. Urine is high colored with sandy sediments.

Ginseng Q (Twice a day): A useful remedy for treatment of Rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica. Joints become stiff and contracted, and there is an increase in the amount of urine excreted.

Gnaphalium 200 (One dose daily): Chronic Rheumatism, backache and pain in the neck. Sciatica. Numbness alternates with pain.

Guaiacum off. Q (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pains in hands, arms and shoulders. Sciatica and lumbago. Gouty pains tearing and lancinating. Worse from motion, heat, cold wet weather, touch, pressure, 6 PM to 4 AM. Better by external pressure. Nodosities of joints and contraction of muscles.

Indigo tinc. (Thrice a day): Pain from the middle of thigh to the knee. Knee joint has a boring pain which is relieved by walking and is worse after every meal.

Kalium brom. (Thrice a day): Chronic gout of nodular form. Hands become hard. Fingers and muscles jerk and twitch.

Kalium carb. (Thrice a day): Pain in knees; it may extend from hip to knee. Pain in the limbs and in arms from shoulders to wrist. Worse by pressure but better by moving about and warmth. Pains are sharp and cutting.

Kalium iod. (Thrice a day): Old gouty patients. Must keep in constant motion because it gives relief.

Kalmia lat. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic pains travel from upwards to downwards with numbness. Rheumatic pains of scapula and shoulder muscles, especially right side.

Ledum pal. (Thrice a day): Pains travel from below upwards. Patient feels chilly, yet he does not like to be covered as his pains are better by cold. In chronic cases, chalk stone oozes from the finger joints. Pain in joints especially small ones. Joints are swollen, hot and pale. Cracking of joints worse warmth of bed.

Lycopersicum escu. (Thrice a day): Dull pain in the lumbar region. Sharp pain in right. deltoid and breast muscles. Pain in the right elbow, wrist, in both hands and legs.

Lycopodium (Thrice a day): Chronic gout with chalky deposits in joints. Numbness and drawing and tearing in limbs.

Magnesium carb. (Thrice a day): Tearing in shoulders as if dislocated. Right shoulder painful. The patient is unable to raise it. Swelling of the bend of knees.

Medorrhinum 1M (One dose only) Repeat once a week: Rheumatism originated from gonorrhea, worse during the day.

Mercurius sol. (Thrice a day): Lacerating pain in joints. Cold, fetid sweat on the legs at night. Dropsical swelling of feet and legs.

Mimosa p. (Thrice a day): Rheumatism of back and limbs. Knees stiff. Swelling of ankles. Legs tremble.

Natrium phos. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic arthritis. Crackling of joints. Pain in the wrist and finger joints. Its use in alteration with Natrium sulph. is useful for pains of small joints.

Natrium sulph. (Thrice a day): Rheumatism of persons living in basements or damp houses. They are worse by bathing and in rainy weather. Edema of feet. Piercing pains between scapulae. Cracking of joints.

Nux vomica (Thrice a day): Cracking in knee joints when walking. Drags feet when walking. Sensation of sudden loss of power in arms and legs in the morning.

Oxalicum acidum (Thrice a day): Pains through the lower lobe of the left lung and pain under the scapula and between the shoulder to the lower back.

Propylaminum Q (Four times a day): Palliates fever and pain in a day or two in acute Rheumatism. Rheumatic pains change places specially in heart lesions. Pain in the wrists and ankles worse by slightest motion. Fingers cannot hold things – even a needle held in the hand appears too heavy. Tingling numbness of fingers. 10-15 drops in a glass full of water – tea spoonful doses every 2 hours.

Pulsatilla nig. (Thrice a day): Pain in the joints shifts from place to place. It is generally due to changes associated with the menstrual cycle. The patient has a tendency to be emotional and tearful. She desires sympathy and consolation. Is worse in the evening and night and by lying on the painful side.

Radium brom. (Thrice a day): It is a very useful remedy in chronic Rheumatic arthritis. Severe pain in all the limbs and joints, knees, ankles, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, toes, calves, hip joints, etc. all have pains which are worse at night, open air, touch, cold air and movements.

Ranunculus bulb. (Thrice a day): Rheumatic and muscular pains along the lower margin of shoulder blade. Pain like pleurodynia in chest. Worse in spring.

Rhamnus cal. Q (Four times a day): A positive remedy for muscular pains and Rheumatism. 10 drops a dose, four times a day. It is indicated when there is constipation also.

Rhododendron ch. (Thrice a day): Pains are wandering, now in this joint and then in that joint. Arthritic nodes. Pains are worse before thunderstorm and in hot season. Gout of toe joints.

Rhus tox. 200 (Thrice a day): Gout worse in damp and rainy weather. Pain increases from rising from a sitting position or on first motion and becomes better by walking for some time and increases again on taking a long walk. Rheumatism due to suppression of perspiration. Pain in nape of neck and lions. Tearing pain in tendons, ligaments and face.

Ruta (Thrice a day): Pain in the tendons appearing after their injury. Pain due to a bruise in the lining of the bones. Pain is better by movement and is worse in damp, cold weather and during rest.

Sabina (Thrice a day): Arthritic pain in joints. Gout due to urinary troubles worse in a heated room and on motion.

Sanguinaria (Thrice a day): Pain in the right shoulder and arm worse from the heat of the bed. Pain on raising the arm.

Solanum lyc. (Thrice a day): Dull pain in the lumbar region. Sharp pain in the right deltoid and breast muscle. Pain in the right elbow, wrist and in both hands and legs.

Stellaria m. Q (Twice a day), Aurum mur. nat. 3x (Thrice a day), Carbonium sulph. (Thrice a day), China off. (Thrice a day): Chronic Rheumatic pains.

Syphilinum 1000 (One dose only): Rheumatism of the shoulder joint at the intersection of deltoid. Muscles become hard, knotty or lumpy and contracted to form knots.

Thyreoidinum (One dose daily): Rheumatic arthritis with tendency to obesity. Swelling of legs and other parts of body and cramps.

Tongo 3x (Thrice a day): Severe pain in hips joints, femur and knees, specially the left.

Tuberculinum 1M (One dose only): When the origin is tubercular. Acute Rheumatism of the bones of joints. Inflammation of joints. Worse motion, standing, dampness and early in the morning after sleep. Better open air.

Urtica urens Q (Thrice a day): Rheumatism associated with urticaria-like eruptions or Rheumatism alternates with such eruptions. Pain in wrists and ankles, worse during snow and moist air.

Vanadium 6 (Thrice a day): In absence of definite symptoms, the use of this remedy in chronic Rheumatism produces good results.

NOTE 1: Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the immune system attacks joints causing severe inflammation, pain and stiffness. Other types of arthritis occur in elderly people and is caused by wear and tear of aging.

NOTE 2: Tennis elbow (epicondylitis) as the name applies is a pain localized at the level of the elbow. It affects the tendon called epicondylitis which is attached to the elbow. It affects players of tennis, badminton or any game where the elbow is overused. Treatment is according to the symptoms.

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