Homeopathic Medicine for Hair – Unwanted


Homeopathic Medicine for Hair – Unwanted


Oleum jec. 3x (Thrice a day): Give this remedy 3 times a day after the use of Thuja occ. 1M.

Thuja occ. 1M (One dose only) Repeat after a month: Start the treatment with this. One dose a day and no medicine for 24 hours. Repeat after a month.

Waxing: The medication takes a long time to be effective. Along with it, the method of waxing can be adopted. Take liquid wax from a drug store. Spread a light layer of it on the skin and cut a strong cloth equal to the size of the space between the nose and upper lip where there is unwanted growth of hair in a woman. Apply it firmly on the space. After about 2 minutes take off the cloth steadily but firmly. All the hair will be pulled out. Employ the same method for the chin. After about a fortnight, the roots of the hair will be destroyed or they become too weak to grow back. Skin will become softer. A similar method, if needed can be applied to the growth of pubic hair. Medication can be employed along with it.

Laser Surgery or Electrolysis: Unwanted hair can be removed by a competent surgeon by laser Surgery or electrolysis. Lasers destroys the hair follicle underneath the skin and retards their future growth.


Armoracia sat. Q, Embelica off. Q, Ceanothus Q: Mix 5 ml of each with 100 ml of Arnica mont. oil. Rubbing the scalp with this mixture will stop falling of hair, make them darker and cure dandruff in many recent cases. Also, helpful in vertigo and headaches in many cases.

NOTE 1: Normally each hair on the scalp grows continuously for 2 to 4 years, then stops growing for 2 to 4 months and then falls out. In its place, new healthy hair begins to grow and the cycle is repeated. On an average, there are approximately 100000 hair follicles in the scalp. Normally up to 100 hair are shed daily.

NOTE 2: Hair need protection and care during winter months just as it does with the summer sun and humidity. Cold, cold winds and excessive heat zap moisture from the hair often leaving it dry and brittle. Keeping the head covered during extreme winter and warm days helps hair to feel soft and manageable.

NOTE 3: By adapting healthier eating habits and consuming protein packed foods like meats, chicken, fish, eggs and milk, hair loss can ease generally and normal growth can resume in months. Vitamins A, B2, folic acid, iodine, copper, amino acids, mostly found in green leafy vegetables, play a significant role in hair maintenance.

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