Homeopathic Medicine for Haste and Hurriness


Homeopathic Medicine for Haste and Hurriness

Acidum sulph. (Thrice a day): Everything is done in a hurry. Wants to finish work quickly.

Aconitum nap. (Thrice a day): Hurried. Wants things done at once. Hurried in movements and speech.

Anacardium ori. (Thrice a day): Swallows food and drink hurriedly although he is not in a hurry.

Argentum nit. (Thrice a day): He wants to do things in a hurry.

Aurum met. (Thrice a day): Constant rapid questioning without waiting for a reply. Speaks fast. Thinks he cannot do things fast enough.

Cocculus ind. (Thrice a day): Speaks hastily.

Lilium tig. (Thrice a day): Hurried manners. Walks fast without any purpose. Will reach the railway station or an airport hour before due departure.

Lycopodium (Thrice a day): Eats hurriedly without proper chewing as though in great haste which otherwise he is not in.

Medorrhinum 1M (One dose only) Repeat after a month: The patient is always in a hurry without any cause. For him time passes too slowly.

Oleander (Thrice a day): Eats and drinks hurriedly whether hungry or not.

Sulphur (One dose daily): Walks briskly without any urgent work. Hurried for stool and urine.

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