Homeopathic Medicine for Impaired Hearing


Homeopathic Medicine for Impaired Hearing

Hearing loss is generally gradual and painless in many cases developing so slowly that it is barely noticeable. At any age, hearing can be damaged by:

  1. Middle ear infection.
  2. Exposure to loud or constant noise.
  3. Illness or birth defects.
  4. The natural aging process.
  5. Traumatic injury.

It is suggested that after the age of 50, a regular hearing test must be done. It should also be done whenever hearing becomes impaired. Treatment should be done on the basis of the disease. In most of the cases (90%), it will be necessary to have a hearing aid which should be used on the advice of an ear specialist. In the rest of the 10% cases, the following medicines are suggested. Please refer to “Deafness” also.

Ambra grisea (Thrice a day): Dullness of the hearing without any of the defects mentioned above.

Arnica mont. (Four times a day): Hearing impaired due to a blow or an injury of the external and middle ear.

Baryta carb. (Twice a day): Hardness of hearing. Crackling noise in the ears. Glands around ears are painful and swollen. Reverberation on blowing the nose. Indicated in infancy and old age when the tonsils are swollen.

Chenopodium (Thrice a day): Numbness of the auditory nerve. Hearing better for high pitched sounds. Comparative deafness to the sound of voice but great sensitiveness to the sounds of a passing vehicles. Buzzing in ears. Defect due to enlargement of tonsils.

NOTE: One of the common signs of hearing damage is tinnitus, a ringing in the ears that often precedes hearing loss. It is a warning signal that often comes too late, after the damage has been done.

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