Homeopathic Medicine for Indigestion Due To Defective Motility – Reflux – Regurgitation


Homeopathic Medicine for Indigestion Due To Defective Motility – Reflux – Regurgitation

Everyone has experienced stomach discomfort or a bloated feeling at some point in their lives. But when it occurs regularly, it becomes a problem.

Many people instinctively reach for an antacid, thinking the discomfort is caused by excess acid. But often, they have normal healthy levels of acid (what the stomach needs to help process food). More likely, the problem is one of motility or reflux.

Motility is the natural wave-like action that moves food through the digestive system. When it’s not working properly, food sits in the stomach and can cause discomfort, bloating and other symptoms. The pressure can also force stomach contents up, causing heartburn.

The solution is to get things moving again, and by restoring motility, relieve the stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

Reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter is weak or relaxed, allowing stomach contents to flow back into the esophagus. This irritates the esophageal lining which is less protected than the stomach lining and causes heartburn. Diet and lifestyle modifications are an important part of the treatment. Remedies as suggested in the chapter “Acidity” are helpful. Drinking a glass of water during the attack flushes down the food giving relief.

NOTE: Return of solids or fluids to the mouth from the stomach maybe a complication of diphtheria or paralysis of the soft palate.

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