Homeopathic Medicine for Loss of Appetite – Homeopathic Treatment For Anorexia

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Loss of appetite is also called anorexia. Loss of appetite can be caused by many diseases such as stress, grief, anxiety, bacterial or viral infection, hypothyroidism, fever, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, hepatitis and cancer. Some drug addictions also cause anorexia. The cause of hunger is treated in homeopathy. It is completely safe and does not have any side effects.

Alfalfa Q : The problem of loss of appetite is usually found in many people, and if you take 10 drops of Alfalfa Q to deal with this disease, then you will start seeing the benefits automatically. It is the best medicine to increase appetite.

Gentiana Lutea Q : If you are not feeling the urge to eat something, you are not feeling hungry, then without ignoring such a problem, take Gentiana Lutea Q, this medicine will increase your desire to eat. Put 10 drops of this medicine in some water and drink it thrice a day.

Antim Crud 30 : The problem of loss of appetite, due to which you often go without eating anything for the whole day and you do not even realize that you are hungry. The patient of this medicine craves to eat something sour like pickle, tamarind. Sometimes there is sour belching, even without eating anything, it feels as if the stomach is full and a thick white coating falls on the tongue. In such situation, giving Antim Crud 30 to the patient will be beneficial.

Aurum Ars 30 : If you also have the problem of loss of appetite, then you can use Arum Ars 30, this medicine starts showing its effect soon. If you are suffering from jaundice or anemia problem then Aurum Ars 30 will work as a panacea for you.

Calcarea Carb 30 : If the patient is disliked by meat or gets indigestion after eating forcefully, then it will be beneficial for you to take Calcarea Carb 30.

China 30 : If you are not feeling hungry, even after working all day, you are not feeling hungry, but you are feeling weak, then you should take China 30. Appetite will start with this medicine and weakness will also go away.

Ferrum Phos 30 : Its patient is unable to digest non-vegetarian food or milk, if there is a problem of indigestion by eating milk or meat, along with the problem of loss of appetite, then you should take Ferrum Phos 30.

Ignatia Amara 30 : If you take tobacco, alcohol or any other intoxicant, due to which you do not feel hungry, you have blisters on your tongue or the taste of food is not known, then you can take Ignatia Amara 30.

Lecithinum 3x : If you are not able to live even a day without alcohol, due to which you do not feel hungry, then you have to use Lecithinum 3x to get rid of such problem. If there is a decrease in appetite due to drinking too much coffee, then you can take this medicine.

Nux Vomica 200 : If you are suffering from problems like yellow coating on the back of the tongue, bitter taste of food, loss of appetite, then it will be right for you to take Nux Vomica 200.

Rhus Tox 30 : There is no hunger in this, but there is a desire to drink cold milk. Rhus Tox 30 is to be taken on such symptoms.

Sanguinaria 30 : There are many people, especially children, it has been seen that they like to eat everything except food, like fast food, ice cream, junk food etc. They insist on eating, but they do not like to eat home food. In such a situation, they become weak day by day. To get rid of such a problem, you should take Sanguinaria 30, it is very beneficial.

Thuja 200 : Loss of appetite, dislike non-vegetarian food,  food containing potatoes, onions, sour belching after eating stale food, if the stomach feels heavy after eating anything, then thuja 200 will prove to be a panacea. .

Vanadium 6 : If you do more intoxication and you always feel like drinking alcohol, then you should take Vanadium 6, it will open your interest and you will start feeling hungry.

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