Homeopathic Medicine For Rainy Season


Most of the diseases are caused in the rainy season, especially to children and people who are working in outside the home. The most common health problem is when people suffer from a cough and cold. Due to scorching rain, people often get common diseases like colds, cough and fever, and even body pain. To avoid such conditions people should take some precautions like always carry the raincoat, or umbrella before going out on a rainy day.

Homeopathic Medicines For Cold and Cough

Dulcamara 30 CH: This medicine is quite useful in cold, coughs and fever occurred due to rain. You need to take two drops of this medicine three times per day.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30 CH: This medicine is useful in fever and cold. It can be consumed with Dulcamara. You need to take two drops of this homeopathic medicine thrice a day.

Aconite 30 CH: This medicine gives an immediate effect to the body and relief person from fever, cold and cough. Take one drop of this medicine four to five times a day.

Mosquitoes can cause various disease in the rainy season, which can become the deadly ones if not treated completely. Due to mosquito bites, patients suffer from malaria, dengue or chikungunya in the extreme. To avoid such diseases, avoid mosquitoes. Use mosquitoes repellent like All Out, Mosquitoes Nets, mosquitoes repellent lotions, and creams as well. It is also mandatory to keep surrounding clean and do not allow water storage in nearby locations, so they will not germinate.

Medicines To Treat Malaria

Malaria Officinalis 200 CH: This is one of the potent drugs to treat malaria. Take two drops of this homeopathic medicine for three days regularly. This will help you to cure malaria completely.

Homeopathic Medicine For Dengue and chikungunya

Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 CH: Consume two drops of this medicine twice a day. This medicine is useful in dengue and chikungunya to treat effectively.

Rhus Tox 200 CH: Chikungunya has a lot of pain. Rhus Tox 200 is potent medicine to relief in chikungunya pain.

The health issues of diarrhea and cholera during rainy days are dangerous as creates problems of indigestions, stomach upset, indigestion pain, weakness, vomiting, even food poisoning and more. To avoid such severe health problems wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Avoid taking cooked food from outside. Drink clean and purified water. If you don’t have the water purifier, then you need to boil water and use it for cooking and drinking.

Homeopathic Medicines For Diarrhea and Cholera

Arsenic Album 30 CH: This is the effective medicine to treat diarrhea and cholera. For better results take two drops of this medicine thrice a day. And if the issue is with children, then one drop is sufficient three times a day.

Podophyllum 30 CH: This is also beneficial medicine in loose motions. You can take this medicine to cure loose motion completely. Take two drops of podophyllum 30 CH three times a day.

Veratrum Album 30 CH: The Severe condition of diarrhea, loose motion and cholera can be treated well with Veratrum Album 30 CH. Consumption of this medicine three times a day in the form of two droplets is quite useful.

Holarrhena Antidysenterica Q: Take ten drops of this medicine in half cup of water and consume it in every half hour for a day. This is also beneficial in diarrhea and cholera.

Camphor 30 CH: If you have health issues like cholera then take this homeopathic medicine. Take two drops of this medication three times a day. For children, the dosage limits to one drop thrice a day.

In fact, Typhoid is also the common health problem in the rainy season. This is actually a sort of fever that is caused by a bacterial infection. To cure typhoid, always consume boil water and wash your hands in various durations. To heal and treat typhoid use below mentioned homeopathic medicines:

Baptisia Tinc 200 CH: Take two droplets of this medicine in the morning. You need to take this medicine once in the whole week. This is effective when typhoid is the most common among people in the rainy season. This medicine will safeguard you from it.

Viral Fever In Rainy Season: This one of the most common health problem during rain, as infectious bacteria, transmits through water and air rapidly. To cure and treat viral infections in an effective manner, you need to take below-listed medicines:

Influenzinum 200 CH: You can consume this medicine to avoid viral fever. Take two drops of this medicine every morning till three days regularly. Then consume this every Sunday. Use this homeopathic medicine to avoid getting in touch with viral infections.

Eupatorium Perf 30 CH: If you are having the viral fever or its related symptoms, then take two drops of this medicine three times a day.

There is one more commonly found disease during the rainy season is “Jaundice.” This is caused due to eating out habits during the rainy season. To avoid suffering from this firstly avoid eating outside food, make surroundings clean, use boil water to cook and to drink. Some homeopathic medicines to prevent jaundice are:

Natrum Phos 12 x: Take six tablets of this medicine four times a day for better results. This is one of the most common homeopathic drug to cure jaundice.

Jondila Syrup: Take one lid or measuring the cup of this syrup three times for four days to get enough curing treatment from jaundice effectively.

To cure all of these health problems, these mentioned homeopathic medicines are effective and useful.

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