Homeopathic Medicine for Varicose Veins


Homeopathic Medicine for Varicose Veins

Acidum fluor. (Thrice a day): In all cases of varicose of legs, especially old standing cases. Veins in legs tending to ulceration. Burning.

Aesculus hip. 3x (Thrice a day): Its use reduces pain and swelling.

Allium cepa (Thrice a day): Varicose veins after cesarean section.

Ambra grisea (Thrice a day): Varicose veins of left leg, very painful.

Calcarea fluor. 6x (Thrice a day): Varicose veins are knitted in hard lumps, in chronic cases.

Formica rufa 3x (Thrice a day): If there is debility on account of varicose veins.

Hamamelis 1x (Thrice a day): Excessive pain; when applied externally causes the vessels to shrink. Use externally for varicose ulcers. It is almost specific in all cases.

Hippozaeninum (Thrice a day): Scrofulous swelling of the veins with formation of pus.

Pulsatilla nig. (Thrice a day): In cases of varicocele and varicose veins when constitution and symptoms of this remedy are present. Varicose veins during pregnancy.

Pyrogenium 200 (One dose only) Repeat every 3rd day: Ulceration of the varicose veins with very fetid discharge and pain.

Vipera (Thrice a day): The patient has to keep the legs elevated for fear of bursting of veins while keeping them hanging.

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