Homeopathic Medicine for Weeping


Homeopathic Medicine for Weeping

Manganum acet. (Thrice a day): Involuntary laughter and involuntary weeping. Makes fun of other’s gait.

Medorrhinum (Thrice a day): The patient cannot speak without weeping and speaks hurriedly. The patient loses thread of conversation.


Natrium mur. 200 (One dose daily): The patient is secretive, holds her secrets, wants to be alone and weep. She has tears even with laughter.

Pulsatilla nig. 200 (One dose daily): A mild, timid, reserved and yielding patient, weeps while talking.

Sepia 200 (One dose daily): The patient dreads to be alone and is easily offended. Weeps while telling symptoms.

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Stannum met. (Thrice a day): Patient is sad, despondent, discouraged, anxious and feels like crying all the time but crying makes him worse.



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