SBL Clearstone Drops [ Homeopathy Medicine for Kidney Stones ]

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SBL Clearstone Drops: Complete information about the benefits, uses, dosage of SBL Clearstone Drops is being told in this page. This medicine is the best medicine for kidney stone. With the use of this medicine, stones up to 12 mm have been seen to be removed.

Clearstone is a unique combination of the most effective homeopathic medicines that specifically works to break down kidney stones and urinary tract as quickly as possible and provide relief from kidney pain.

In which disease SBL Clearstone Drops is to be used:-

This medicine is also useful in kidney and urinary tract stones, kidney-like pain and burning symptoms. Increases the amount of urine and urine starts coming freely.

There are many homeopathic medicines found in Clearstone Drops, about which let us understand: –

Berberis Vulgaris Q – This medicine works well on left kidney stones. Abdominal pain, Stinging pain, Burning sensation, Cold feeling sometimes like kidney, Feeling of weight like kidney especially like left kidney. The urine may be green, blood-tinged, thick and with mucus.

Sarsaparilla Q – It is a beneficial medicine in lower right kidney pain, severe pain after urinating.

Ocimum canum Q – A good medicine for kidney stones with pain in right side kidney. Brick dust is excreted in the urine, pain and cramps in the urinary tract, also cures high levels of uric acid. The amount of acid or uric acid in the urine is too much, the urine is cloudy and thick, there is pus in the urine, blood, red colored bottom like brick powder, smell of musk, pain in the urinary tract and kidney, etc. The problem is visible in the patient. If given, it is good to use Ocimum canum medicine and it is beneficial.

Solidago virgaurea Q – The amount of urine is low and urination is difficult. Albumin and dirt remain in the urine. Pain in kidney, extends to stomach and bladder.

Pareira brave Q – Frequent urination; the stress; Pain under thighs while urinating. itching along the urethra; It is the best medicine for urethritis.

Senecio aureus Q – This medicine has specific effect on kidney, especially right kidney. Urine becomes less frequent, dark in colour, blood is mixed. It is a medicine for frequent urination, nephritis and kidney pain.

All the medicine in Clearstone Drops is mixed in mother tincture.

Dosage and dosage of Clearstone Drops

Put 15 drops of this medicine in half a cup of water and drink it thrice a day or as directed by the doctor.

SBL Clearstone Drops asked questions and answers ( FAQ )

Question: – I have 14 mm kidney stone, can it be removed by this medicine?

Answer: – 12 mm stone is removed by the use of this medicine. But you must take medicine. This medicine also removes large stones.

Question:- I have 4 stones, 2 of 6.6 mm and 5.5 mm in right kidney, 3.3 mm in left kidney and 2.5 mm in left ureter, should I take medicine?

Answer :- Yes! All stones can be removed by taking the medicine for 2 months. Also include Hydrangea Q for ureteral stones.

Question: – Can Clearstone Drops also remove gallstones?

Answer :- Nope! This medicine works only on kidney stones.

Question:- I am suffering from kidney stones. 6.2 MM in the right kidney. Can I use Berberis Vulgaris Q and Clearstone Drops together?

Ans :- Clearstone Drops is mixed with Berberis Vulgaris Q so you do not need to take Berberis Vulgaris Q separately.

Question: – I have 4.5 mm stone in my left ureter, which is causing pain in the tip of my penis, if I take Clearstone Drops will this stone dissolve?

Answer: – If your stone is in ureter then you should also use hydrangea Q along with Clearstone Drops.

Question: – If I consume alcohol after taking Clearstone Drops, will there be any change in the action of Clearstone Drops or can there be aggravation?

Answer: – We know that every homeopathic medicine is made from alcohol, so if you consume alcohol after Clearstone Drops then its action will definitely get hampered. If you consume alcohol, then definitely tell your doctor about it.

Question: – Can I take Clearstone Drops medicine for kidney and urinary tract stones?

Answer: – Yes, Clearstone Drops medicine is used in kidney and urinary tract stones. If you are troubled by the problem of kidney and urinary tract stones, then take Clearstone Drops on the advice of your doctor. The dosage of Clearstone Drops may vary depending on the disease. That’s why it is important to ask a doctor before taking Clearstone Drops in kidney and urinary tract stones.

Question: – Are there any side effects of Clearstone Drops?

Ans :- Clearstone Drops is well used in kidney and urinary tract stones and there is no side effect of excessive consumption of Clearstone Drops. Yes, the use of Clearstone Drops can cause aggravation. Therefore, consult your doctor before taking Clearstone Drops in kidney and urinary tract stones. The doctor can change the potency of Clearstone Drops. Remember Clearstone Drops may cause aggravation but not have side effects.

Question: – Should Clearstone Drops be used in kidney and urinary tract stones before or after food?

Answer: – If you are taking Clearstone Drops in kidney and urinary tract stones, then take it half an hour before the meal or even half an hour after the meal, Clearstone Drops can be taken.

Question: – Can pregnant women take Clearstone Drops?

Ans :- Clearstone Drops medicine can be consumed by pregnant women, all homeopathic medicines are safe for pregnant women. However, before using Clearstone Drops in kidney and urinary tract stones, please consult your doctor.

Question:- Can a breastfeeding woman use Clearstone Drops for kidney and urinary tract stones?

Answer: – Clearstone Drops is safe for both mother and baby to use in kidney and urinary tract stones. Still, consult a doctor before consuming Clearstone Drops.

Question:- If I take Clearstone Drops for kidney and urinary tract stones, will it affect my liver, kidney and heart?

Answer :- Nope! Clearstone Drops does not have any side effect. The use of Clearstone Drops does not have any harmful effect on the liver, kidney and heart. Still, ask your doctor before taking Clearstone Drops.

Question: – What is the avoidance of taking Clearstone Drops medicine?

Answer: – If you are taking Clearstone Drops or any homeopathic medicine then do not take raw onion, raw garlic, asafoetida, sour things and coffee.

Question: – Is it forbidden to consume alcohol with Clearstone Drops medicine?

Ans :- If you are taking Clearstone Drops for kidney stone and urinary tract stones and will consume alcohol together then keep a gap of at least 2 hours between Clearstone Drops medicine and drinking alcohol. It would be best to stop the consumption of alcohol.

What has been mentioned in this article about Clearstone Drops is for all ages. Be sure to consult a skilled doctor before taking the medicine.

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