Homeopathy Treatment And Medicine For Blood Pressure

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In this article, we will learn about homeopathic medicine to cure high blood pressure problem.

The maximum pressure at each heartbeat is called ‘systolic pressure’, which causes a retraction of the lower part of the heart. The period of time between the two beats, which is at least pressure at that time, is called ‘diastolic pressure’. The balanced pressure of these two is called ‘blood-pressure’. Normally, the blood pressure of the baby is 80/50 mmHg (millimetres of Mercury), 120/80 mmHg for young people and 140/90 mmHg for the elderly. The first large number is systolic and the second small number is the standard of diastolic pressure. A general formula is also understood to add 90 to the years of your age. Your normal systolic pressure should be around the yoga board.

Understand the range of high BP: –

  • If Systolic is less than 120 and diastolic is less than 80, your blood pressure is normal.
  • If Systolic is 120-129 and diastolic is less than 80, you believe to have high blood pressure. However, your numbers fall within the elevated category.
  • If Systolic is 130-139 or diastolic is 80-89 then it is considered to be the first stage of hypertension which means you need change in lifestyle and exercise regularly.
  • If Systolic is 140 or higher or diastolic is 90 or higher then it is Stage 2 Hypertension, it requires medication, lifestyle changes and exercise.
  • If Systolic is higher than 180 or diastolic is higher than 120 then if falls under Hypertensive crisis category and requires immediate attention.

Now I will discuss homeopathic medicine, which helps to cure high blood pressure problem: –

Rauwolfia Serpentina Q – This is the best medicine for high blood pressure. This drug controls blood pressure by increasing urine. This disease is definitely destroyed by taking this medicine regularly. This medicine can be given in almost every symptom. Put 10 drops of this medicine in half a cup of water and drink it 3 times a day.

Crataegus Q – This medicine also controls high blood pressure. If weakness comes, hands and feet become cold, pulse goes fast, breath becomes irregular, a little hardness increases the heartbeat and you do not sleep then put 10 drops of this medicine in half cup of water 3 times a day.

Baryta Mur 3x Or 6x – If systolic pressure is high and diastolic pressure is low enough, then the use of the drug is beneficial. Use 3x or 6x in quantity, take 4 tablet 3 times a day and suck it in the mouth.

Belladonna 30 – In symptoms like, headache with high blood pressure, dizziness, pain in temples, skin warm, pulse fast, then this drug provides amazing benefits. also, the patient’s face and eyes remain red. Taking 2 drops of Belladonna 30, 2 times daily on such symptoms can cure high blood pressure and all symptoms like magic.

Natrum Mur 200 – If you eat more salt and feel that by using more salt your blood pressure is increased, because the salt users are having such problem then you should get Natrum Mur 200 Key 2. If the drops are to be taken a few days daily, then all your problems will be fixed.

Glonine 30 – Experiencing the pulse in the whole body, feeling that the blood is passing in the head, is going into the heart, headache from the heat of the sun, dizziness, heart pain are the symptoms of this drug. It will look as if blood has accumulated on the face or head. You have to take 2 drops of Glonine 30, 3 times a day.

Conium Maculatum 30 – Unmarried women and men of old age have high blood pressure, weakness in the brain, memory weakness, heart beats fast, legs start shivering, making it difficult to stand, pain with heavy head and dizziness, swelling in the glands, suppressing libido or disease due to over-indulgence.

Here, based on some symptoms, I have prescribed the medicine so that you have to take the medicine based on the symptoms that is found.

Now a magic combination that has to be used will cure your high blood pressure.

Rauwolfia serpentina Q + Crataegus Q + Passiflora Q :- Take 10-10 drops of these three in a cup of water and drink 3 times a day. All three drugs will completely control your blood pressure.

I say that if you get symptoms, use 1 medicine along with the magic combination.

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